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Title: How to recover my ETH from the recent tokens Rug pull
Post by: ucy007 on January 15, 2022, 08:01:16 AM
This is really a bad story to start the year with a  lot of people are working there ass off just to have a good project to hop on to make life changing profits but its a shame that the whole phantom wallet could not provide an  application just to suit its users
I recently lost 15Eth on this airdrop scam project on  I cried my eyes out but my friend whos really a techie introduced me to a recovery expert who froze the destination wallet making it useless for the scammer. Well  I have recovered 8eth as at today .you can write to them requesting they help you out with your stolen/lost  crypto token (support @ elzonte coinbox .com ) they would send you a private link for a one on one conversation

I hope this helps