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Title: EVOL Network: Transforming Affiliate Marketing Industry
Post by: EvolNetwork on November 25, 2021, 01:09:09 PM
About EVOL Network

EVOL Network, the Ultimate Affiliate Marketing platform, is designed to provide businesses with the means to market products or services efficiently and cost-effectively while ensuring the highest security.

We have launched EVOL Coin, A Virtual Decentralized cryptocurrency, to facilitate our community to get the most benefit from our Platform.

Our mission is to empower advertisers and publishers with a platform that is not only secure but transparent and beneficial for all parties involved. We aim to provide a welcoming community where everyone has the opportunity to participate, contribute and earn.

 The Evol Network team is developing an affiliate marketing platform based on blockchain technology. Our objective is to offer an efficient, user-friendly, and transparent affiliate marketing platform.

We aim to disrupt the online advertising landscape and address the significant problems it faces, such as advertising fraud, privacy and consent to receiving sponsored messages, and the rise of ad blockers. We see the need for innovation in this area and aim to bring it to the community.


1. Self-Supporting Network
EVOL Network connects affiliates and vendors with affiliates with each other.

2. Safe and Secure
EVOL Network is more secure and safer when compared with other affiliate marketing platforms as it is built on blockchain technology and is secured through the implementation of the SHA-256 hash.

3. Real-time Data
Our custom-built tracking platform provides accurate real-time tracking and reporting.

4. Fraud Prevention
Our affiliate platform makes use of immutable data, smart contracts and updating ledgers in real-time to eliminate fraud.

5. Direct Connections
There are no intermediaries involved as Evol Network connects you directly to whatever vendor/affiliate you think is best for you.