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Title: 99DEFI New Token Contract Update
Post by: cryptosp on November 11, 2021, 10:33:42 AM

99DEFI New Token Contract Update:


99DEFI: New Contract Update!

Contract Address

Contract Address: 0xfC50d8349131cACB76fC0CEaed6886a4df6eBEd2

Token Swap contract will be announced.

Holders should transfer the 99DEFI token to a swap Contract or a Google sheet will be given shortly, and New 99DEFI Token will be transferred to the same wallet address.

Updated Audit Report:

Block Audit Report:




Telegram Chat:

Telegram Ann:



Contract address:

Token Details :

Symbol: 99DEFI

Maximum Token supply: 100,000,000

Token Network: BEP20

Decimals: 8