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FLUX: The Solidification of Game Streaming and Trading Becoming a Reality


From gaming consoles to mobile games on Android and iOS devices and even online PC gaming, the number of gamers spread across every continent of the planet is a staggering 2.6 billion people. Whenever you have a gathering of such magnitude, you automatically have an economy in the making (whether it is efficiently run or not). The gaming industry is a mammoth both in size of its population and the number of products it produces. The gaming world has its fair share of challenging and one startup that has been making waves and is potentially going to change the gaming industry forever is the FLUX platform.

The Gaming world as of the present is a semi-rowdy industry with various parts working in disjointed symphony with others. Gamers grapple with multiple registrations n various platforms, with tokens and other in-game goodies being secluded to operating in their respective domains. The FLUX platform is one the like of which has never been seen before. This new revolution that is about to hit the gaming industry especially focuses on delivering timely and effective solutions for two very key areas in the industry; Game Streaming, and Trading.

Game Streaming

If you think the Super Bowl, the FIFA world cup is the only sporting events that can pull tens of millions of people to watch them, then you haven’t seen the power of the gaming industry yet. The power of video content is unlike any other content online. It pulls the most number of people and is able to keep them glued to their screens for the longest period of time. Knowing the power of video, the FLUX platform is set to give the fringe game streaming industry the wings it needs to achieve its lofty potentials.

The FLUX platform much like the genius achieved by YouTube will provide streamers of gaming tournaments with a real way of making their efforts worthwhile by allowing them to earn per viewership of their live streams. Every 3000 streams of a streamer’s feed earn them a proportionate amount of FLUX tokens, giving them a boost in motivation to grow their viewership and taking the industry to a whole new level of maturity. Streamers through the enabling environment of the FLUX ecosystem will also be able to accept donations to improve the quality of their delivery. Just like the biggest sporting events can make stars and idols, gaming through the streaming portals of the FLUX will create a whole new class of stars and celebrities from the gaming world.


With almost half the world population counted as games, it Is only fair to expect that the gaming industry is one in which there is a lot of money exchanging hands. Revenues in the gaming industry are over $110 billion every year, but despite this huge virtual economy, the industry so far grapples with ineffective payments modes, high transaction fees and expensive middlemen that add no actual value to the industry.

FLUX trough its cutting-edge trading portal will become the go-to marketplace where interested parties can become full-time traders in all kinds of game tokens, skins, and in-game currencies. FLUX will create a utopian economy where traders are changed 0% on virtual goods, which will be a complete move away from the present systems that take the majority of their earnings. Having a single seamless platform for trading any and every kind of in-game goods, will ensure that gamers have a completely hassle-free experience, that doesn’t rob them of the joy that gaming should be.

Trade and streaming on a professionally built and accommodating platform will ensure that gaming is taken with the seriousness it was previously denied. The FLUX platform by solidifying both arms of gaming is set to redefine the very idea of what we take gaming to be. The FLUX platform will be soon available for all eager investors to put their money in what doesn’t just look like a safe-bet, but a product that is bound to create fireworks and capture hearts and minds o the huge global gaming community.

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