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FLO Gets Listed On New Exchanges


FLO, a fairly launched blockchain project, has seen new listings on several exchanges over the last month: MXshine, Freiexchange, BitRabbit, Tokok and Simpleswap, which allows users to swap more than 200 coins. FLO, which can also be traded on Bittrex, was established early in 2013 and has recently received a lot of attention as it was chosen by tZERO to store its transaction records via the DLR (Digital Locate Receipts) software.

Besides tZERO, a number of other projects have chosen FLO as their ‘record’ keeper. For example, FLO’s OIP (Open Index Protocol) is also used by Medici Ventures and Caltech as a backend for their software services, and more are expected to join. The FLO community is very active and welcoming to new members, developers, and businesses.

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  • I have been trading $Flo on Bittrex for over 6 months now and it’s one coin that never disappoints. Knowing when to enter, exit and re-enter to a successful Flo trading. My last buy call was @ 1159, and I’m certain market forces accepting Flo and new exchanges listing same will boost the price to 2000 in no distant time. Currently selling on Bittrex @ 1090.

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