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First view of Blockshipping’s Global Shared Container Platform


The Blockshipping GSCP ICO (Initial Coin Offering) opens for public sale on Monday, May 14, and while the main focus lately has been on achieving a successful ICO, the Blockshipping team has also achieved significant progress on the product development side.

Delivering the Global Shared Container Platform in time as promised has top priority, and Blockshipping now launches the first in a series of prototype videos showing some of the platform’s services and functionalities which are under development.

Copenhagen, May 13, 2018 – In parallel with the ICO preparations Blockshipping is working determinedly to reach the first milestones of the development of the Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP).

When fully developed the GSCP platform will include more than 34 different products and services all related to the global handling of freight containers for a wide range of shipping industry partners. But to allow future users of the platform as well as ICO contributors to visualise some of the services and functionalities of the GSCP platform Blockshipping is now producing a series of easy to understand demonstration videos.

The initial prototype video launched today offers a glimpse into one of the earliest GSCP prototypes concerning the so-called ‘street turn’ method, also known as ‘triangulation’. Due to lack of a neutral, trusted platform street turn cost savings opportunities for carriers to the tune of USD 750 million per annum are not being realised today and the GSCP platform will radically change that.

The street turn method allows for the container shipping industry to significantly increase the efficiency of the handling of empty shipping containers. And by utilising street turn through the GSCP platform users will easily be able to find street turn matching opportunities, enabling empty containers to be moved directly from local consignees to local shippers and significantly reduce the number of truck trips to and from container terminals.

The first Blockshipping GSCP prototype video launched today can be seen on Blockshipping’s YouTube channel:

First client and promising partnership announced

Because Blockshipping is focusing on fulfilling the development plan for the GSCP platform and because the reception of the GSCP platform in the shipping industry so far has been overwhelmingly positive, Blockshipping has already been able to attract a global container carrier as the first customer and user of the GSCP platform. Blockshipping’s CEO, Peter Ludvigsen says:

“I am extremely proud to say that a few days ago Blockshipping obtained confirmation from a global container carrier that they will join our GSCP platform as our first customer. This is a carrier in the 10-20 global ranking who has also confirmed that they will join our Customer advisory board.”

Peter Ludvigsen underlines that to have the first GSCP customer on board already at this early stage is extremely important also for the credibility and trustworthiness needed for Blockshipping to attract ICO contributors and complete a successful ICO.

“I really believe that people can see for themselves that Blockshipping is going to fulfil every promise and develop a truly revolutionary global platform that will highly benefit both the shipping industry, the global environment and the contributors buying our CCC tokens during the ICO.”

For more information, please contact:

Michael Juul Rugaard
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +45 44 40 31 32

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