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First global research on ICO investing


Polish company Unicorns House is launching first global research on ICO investors. The survey is already available on their official website ( in several languages: English, Russian, Polish, Spanish and Turkish. Moreover it will also be accessible in the Korean, Chinese, Portuguese and Arabic versions.

Since the beginning of the year the amount of money raised through the means of Initial Coin Offerings has increased significantly. Importantly, in the span of solely first quarter of 2018 funds gathered this way already exceeded 2017’ total, with. Moreover, the number of ICOs conducted in first quarter of 2018 was only 59% of 2017’ total, which indicates that the size of average funding is increasing.

Nevertheless, only 45% of them were successful. Over the past two years since the ICO was established, failed projects or not necessarily honest approach from their founders has reduced investors’ funds by nearly. This trend  is worrying especially considering that the recent various fraud scandals make a whole community increasingly sceptical to the entire idea of Initial Coin Offering. This can be observed in the Ethereum prize, which has been dropping regularly. The opening of the year began at a rate of $1,400 and currently, it stands at under $300.

The research conducted by Unicorns House has two main goals. The first one concerns analysis of investor’s decision-making processes, their product awareness as well as information sources that they consider to be the most relevant. The second one is to recognize the current attitude towards ICO among investors. Growing tension regarding recent events is a valuable source of information in identifying potential threats to conducting ICO.

The complete research will be published in the form of a report including comments and articles relating to the current state of the industry. Moreover,  our partners will have a possibility to  to add their own publications with new solutions for ICO world.

Therefore, Unicorns House is open to establishing new business relations with potential partners.  Our goal is to create  the report that will become a valuable source of information for the entire  community. It will also conclude with the several propositions of exploring new opportunities that will allow entire community to tap into the full potential of Initial Coin Offerings.

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