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Fintech Canada Conference to be held in Toronto on August 16


The FinTech Canada Conference, hosted by the Digital Finance Institute, is Canada’s leading FinTech event, being held to recognize Canada’s emergence as an FinTech leader and bringing together global thought leaders in Financial Technology to advance the dialogue on the global FinTech revolution.

Digital Finance Institute Conferences bring together leading influencers in FinTech in Canada and around the world to share knowledge, support the ecosystem and network. The key impact points from their past conferences are:

  • Sold out conferences;
  • 1 million reached on social media during past Vancouver Conference;
  • Their speakers, their companies & our sponsors viewed online in over 114 countries and 1,000 cities around the world;
  • Conference websites receive hundreds of views per day from all over the world, showcasing speakers, their companies and sponsors long after events are over;
  • Most FinTechs speaking at their conferences meet investors who finance their companies;
  • Sponsors and speakers at their conferences have subsequently been invited to global FinTech events.

Canada’s National FinTech Conference is being held at MaRS Discovery District in the Auditorium.

You can register for Canada’s 4th Annual National FinTech Conference at:

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