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Facebook iFrames App Developer Atayen Launches ‘When Moon’ SaTT ICO Game


5th November, France and Singapore – Atayen, creator of the ERC-20 SaTT token which facilitates advertising transactions with a smart contract, is pleased to announce the launch of their new ICO crypto game, “When Moon?”

Together with “When Lambo?”, “When Moon?” is one of the most popular phrases used in the crypto universe, to question when a crypto investment will yield extremely lucrative profits. Aptly combining these two elements, the objective of the game is to skyrocket your favorite tokens to the moon to win Lambos (Lamborghinis). Through various moves such as dumping your boosters or upgrading your rocket to propel it to go as high as possible, players play with the aim of reaching the moon and winning Lambos. Players who choose to publish their scores are then entered into a weekly classification where the highest scorer gets to win tokens from the token sponsor, no doubt an innovative and fun way for crypto enthusiasts to earn tokens. Each player can personalize the skin of his rocket with his favorite token. Currently a selection of 3 different token-skins are available – SaTT, Jetcoin and Ethereum.

“When Moon?” also invites players to participate in live ICOs, such as the ongoing SaTT token offering. SaTT is an ERC-20 token that aims to disrupt advertising transactions by offering instant and safe transactions, bypassing expensive banking services and providing a decentralized system of quantifying the results of an advertising campaign – truly a token that will move the world of advertising towards the blockchain and into Web 3.0.

The “When Moon?” game can be found at

About Atayen

Atayen Inc is an American-French company with a unique expertise in developing applications dedicated for business pages on Facebook and social networks. The most popular Atayen app is the iFrames app which is a web-based social media marketing platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses engage their customers on Facebook.

About SaTT

SaTT is a smart contract ERC-20 token that aims to disrupt advertising transactions.

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