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ExHasta: Integrating and empowering innovators


Imagine a group of exceptional individuals with vast experience in using cutting-edge technology to solve unique problems for leading companies. Now, picture this group using their experience and skills to develop Moonshots: high-risk, high-impact projects to shape the future.

Imagine all the intellectual property generated for those projects (hardware specs and patents, software and code, contracts and managerial structures, and just about everything else involved) progressively being auctioned, sold at extremely low prices, and then distributed for free within a digital platform.

Imagine this same group bringing together 20 platform users (as selected by the community) for a month long summit of mentorships, training sessions, guest lectures, workshops and more. Learning, integrating and generating powerful networks. That’s ExHasta, and it’s just announced its token sale.

Tokens, what and why

Tokens are just like coins. They represent participation in ExHasta (EXH), but not in the form of ownership. Instead, EXH Tokens directly represent the content value of ExHasta: intellectual property can be bought for EXH Tokens, and applying for summit participation requires EXH Tokens. Individuals, collectives, companies, and firms can use them to make use of technological and managerial solutions crafted at ExHasta. Investors can use them to obtain returns based on the explosive potential value of such intellectual property.

The main and cheapest way to obtain tokens is through ExHasta’s initial coin offering.

Currently the only other way to obtain tokens is:

1) Through the early-supporter bounty program.

In the future, there are two more ways:

2) Get some in exchange for ranking and reviewing members.

3) Trade with them directly.

One sweet example

Picture a bakery that’s about open for business. Instead of offering a percentage of returns or property, like in all traditional investment schemes, it offers “Sweetcoin” in exchange for funding. Sweetcoin is just like money in that it’s safe to use, quite hard to counterfeit, and can be digitally traded . But one doesn’t use Sweetcoin to buy biscuits and pastry. Sweetcoin is used to purchase recipes, moulds, cooking instructions, contracts with purchasers, budgets, and everything else. This is how EXH Tokens work, by allowing bakers around the world to fetch the value of those intellectual goods, so they can focus on one thing: baking.

What’s the ICO?

An Initial Coin Offering is just the process by which ExHasta, like the bakery of the example, and many other companies, obtain their funding. They create digital tokens (which work like currency) that represent content value (not property) and offer them for funding. By using their tokens as investment tools, they make the most of network effects, because they obtain funding while also creating a network of users. It’s safe, it’s efficient, and transparent. But does it work?

In 2017 only, ICOs have raised more than $2.3 billion USD. They have successfully funded sectors that include commerce, network file storage, gaming, banking, computing, and just about everything. If this trend continues, experts have argued, ICOs will be the investment mechanism of the future.

Tokens are not just user-coins, they are tools for investment. Their level of return depends on the value they represent. EXH Tokens represent the power of the intellectual property generated and the quality of the training and network offered to users. Since ExHasta develops Moonshot technology, its products will be highly innovative and aimed at making the biggest impact possible, like an AI-powered real-time public transit system. Patents, source code and hardware specs for this system will all be valued in EXH Tokens, which can be used to acquire them or traded for other currencies.

How to deliver?

Function(core) is the multi-linguistic, international, transdisciplinary collective behind ExHasta. It’s a team of scientists, engineers, writers, musicians, photographers, entrepreneurs and more, with decades of experience in innovation and cutting-edge technology. Their ability to develop and distribute Moonshot technology rests on their multiple backgrounds and flexibility. function(core) has implemented innovative solutions to clients such as Nike, Google, Kanye West, NASA, and many more.

Elburz Sorkhabi, founder of the function(core) team, and CEO at ExHasta, seeks to change Moonshot funding to bring world-changing innovation to at least a billion people by 2021. Elburz is also the man behind nVoid, a highly successful art-tech symbiont launched in 2011.

If you want to know more about the team behind ExHasta, and participate in its token sale, head to Pre-sale, offering a 30% discount on token price, begins on October 19, 19:00 UTC and will end on Oct 26. The crowdsale will being on October 27, 19:00 UTC and continue until November 24.

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