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Everything You Need To Know About Openware & Crypto Exchange Software Platform OpenDAX 2.6


Welcome to the world where cryptocurrency is not a new concept anymore. While Bitcoin was the first debutant in the market, plenty of new digital currencies, dubbed “altcoins,” have emerged over the years. 

Considering cryptocurrency has had a significant impact on the financial investment market, many investors are keen to trade digital currencies on various exchange platforms. The trend is here to stay. Many investors have made profits over the years, which grabbed the attention of crypto-enthusiasts. 

When investors exchange these cryptocurrencies on exchange platforms, the platform owners make money as service fees. Thus, many are considering the business of building and running their exchange platform or a marketplace. It may seem overwhelming at first, but there are blockchain companies that have introduced toolkits to create your exchange.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the technical task of launching your crypto exchange platform, as you can create and deploy cryptocurrency exchange SaaS via Openware. 

What is Openware?

Say hello to one of the most prominent open-source Blockchain companies, providing a complete set of software, tools, and practices to build a successful cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

Founded in 2006 by Louis Bellet and Camille Meulien, the company stretches across the world from the US to Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia with over 200 employees. The Openware headquarters are based in San Francisco, California.

As for what the company does, Mr. Bellet and his team introduce flexible, intuitive, stable, fast, and power-packed Blockchain software solutions with business-driven features.

The company has developed and delivered more than a hundred Blockchain projects and startups, including OpenDAX crypto exchange software – one of the most popular projects of Openware.

As we move forward, let’s get to know more about Mr. Louis Bellet and the recent updates on OpenDAX crypto exchange software. 

Louis Bellet is the co-founder & CEO of Openware. Earlier, he was the co-founder of Helios Technologies, WebVenture, and CloudFire. Mr. Bellet has over 15 years of Fintech expertise in implementing secure cloud clusters with open-source solutions. He is one of the most reputed architects and cloud specialists in the Blockchain and Fintech industry. 

What does Openware offer for a crypto project?

Openware offers three leading crypto and Fintech products and many open-source projects to cryptocurrency business enthusiasts.

OpenDAX is a flagship product of Openware and refers to ‘Open Source Digital Assets Exchange.’ The hybrid open-source software consists of private and public libraries. OpenDAX enables startups and enterprises to build a trading and exchange service of cryptocurrency, security tokens, and digital assets.

OpenDAX Cloud software is a turnkey white-label rapidly deployed cloud-based solution that provides 24×7 access to crypto exchange platform users. The platform owner can concentrate on running the business while the Openware DevOps team maintains the software efficiently. 

OpenFinex is an open-source private software offered by Openware. It has machine learning components designed to ensure project scaling, transaction security, swift performance, and future development flexibility. 

ArkeBot is an innovative trading automation assistant for ambitious and focused traders. You have the power to automate any aspect of crypto, margin, and stock trading.

The Recent 2.6 Update of OpenDAX

The Openware’s leading digital assets and cryptocurrency exchange software OpenDAX got a recent 2.6 update. The security measures were enhanced, and additional features to improve the platform’s flexibility were added.

OpenDAX 2.6 has added support for the Gnosis base plugin that functions on Ethereum-based blockchains. The Gnosis plugin also supports multi-signature wallets. The goal is to improve safety and security for the user’s benefit. 

User accessibility has improved significantly, with all of the core user account information able to be updated.

Platform owners can now monitor and set limits on global user withdrawals. Updates like these are essential for AML (anti-money laundering) compliance practices.

The latest OpenDAX release also supports MariaDB and PostgreSQL databases besides MySQL. Platform developers have the choice to work with their preferable database.

An Ethereum Gas Commission rate automation feature has improved the software’s adaptability and flexibility. 

Moreover, permissions management has become optimized for the software’s deployment and re-deployment. The new optimization allows the developers a faster and much more comfortable OpenDAX Blockchain stack installation.

Smart-contract deposit support was also enhanced in the latest OpenDAX release to improve the smart-contract investment operations further.

With CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko API endpoints’ added support, the platform can display and process much more information about specific tokens and their market situation.

The OpenDAX crypto exchange platform software is undergoing constant improvement in 2021, and it looks quite promising for a Blockchain startup or Enterprise.

The 2021 Crypto Market Situation

The 2021 crypto market is getting a lot of attention as investors are showing keen interest in cryptocurrencies. In late 2020, Bitcoin and Ethereum surged significantly, and the trend does not seem to fade anytime soon.

Nowadays, there are innumerable currency choices and players in the crypto market, which shows that it has matured over the years.

You can explore all the tokens available on the market at Yellow token cryptopedia & exchange platform for token creation, listing, and trading. 

Openware never stops delivering top-notch services to its clients. The roadmap of 2021 looks promising, and they are continually striving towards a cashless future. 

Don’t forget to follow Openware for the updates to stay informed on what’s new in crypto software and Blockchain development:

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