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Everything You Need to Know About OpenDAX3


Openware, Inc. is the leading software engineering company for the open-source blockchain ecosystem.

Openware offers various products and services highly useful for Blockchain and DeFi app developers to create next-generation financial infrastructure.

In March 2021, Openware is set to release the latest and much-awaited OpenDAX3 cryptocurrency exchange software platform with the Exchange Liquidity Network (XLN) launch. The OpenDAX 3.0 update is set to define how future crypto exchange platforms operate.

OpenDAXTM or Open-Source Digital Assets Exchange is a leading open-source platform for trading cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and security tokens.

OpenDAX Exchange Liquidity Network (XLN) is a robust liquidity and order aggregation platform for boosting the crypto business.

What’s new in OpenDAX3?

OpenDAX Exchange Liquidity Network (XLN) cloud is live and operational! Join the network of over 500 independent crypto exchanges running on the OpenDAX engine to get access to crypto trading deals all over the world with no maker fees.

The upcoming OpenDAX3 has many new features and is expected to bring revolutionary changes to the software platforms for crypto and digital assets exchange.

One of the most exciting features of the OpenDAX3 crypto exchange software platform is that it permits the Blockchain service platforms to access a worldwide network of aggregated orders and shared crypto liquidity. With an XLN subscription, you can now quickly offer optimal deals to your clients as soon as your exchange platform is live.

OpenDAX3 offers a greatly simplified installation, configuration, and deployment process. You can now compare the platform deployment procedure with the Windows and macOS installation wizards. This feature has significantly lowered the requirement of developer expertise in cloud tech. The goal is to help many starting developers experiment with the open-source crypto software to gain more accessible entry into the Blockchain stage.

Configuration standardization across the OpenDAX platform components allows for much easier maintenance and setup as well. Multiple configurable parameters such as KYC levels, super admin credentials, exchange info, market pairs, and other miscellaneous platform settings can now easily be set by the platform administrator.

Sonic and Fireblocks integrations are also some of the significant updates in the OpenDAX3.

Sonic implementation is a quick advantage for the front-end page loading speed. It has been obtained by combining Go and JavaScript. This effectively increases the loading speed of all platform pages and adds the benefit of additional search visibility to boost the SEO of the platform.

Fireblocks integration aims to enhance and tighten the operational security and challenge efficiency with multi-layered security, comprehensive policy, compliance, etc.

While not every update will provide you immediate business gain or value, it will surely simplify the platform maintenance in the long run, saving you the DevOps support cost, requiring much less development power to support and maintain the platform.

Another significant update to OpenDAX3 is the addition of front-end customization tools. You can choose your platform’s look from a variety of colors, fonts, etc. The 3.0 edition also allows the platform administrator to upload customized images for the logo, header, and footer. This styling feature of the OpenDAX3 significantly reduces the efforts and cost of the front-end UI development.

A robust open-source SaaS to power up your crypto business

OpenDAX 3.0 by Openware stands out on the cryptocurrency exchange software market. Openware has been updating its Blockchain products and services regularly to provide efficient cloud software building tools for its customers.

OpenDAX is a perfect launchpad for any enterprise and start-up to launch and grow crypto business efficiently. It ensures consistent security and quality, which means you can be assured of providing quality services to your customers in return.

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