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Europecoin, Triple Profit Mix: Solomining, Compound Interest, Term Deposit


No wonder I am publishing my fourth article about Europecoin. Its one of the proven projects, operating since nearly two years and are still mass innovating. They have mastered more critical events, then the majority of the altcoins around. The Team left every challenge behind, stronger then before.

Two weeks ago, they surprised with the release of their new wallet Europecoin V3, that was a heads-up all over the community. This wallet is one of the first few altcoins, based on Bitcoin 11.3 and is lightweight and fast. The Team has made a radical change of reducing their supply by a factor of ten (just 9 million coins left) and switched from Proof-of-Stake to a brand new RAM solomining concept, based on HODL algorithm.

They enhanced this algorithm with several self-developed innovations, like “bitbreak blockchain shield” and their very own, rewritten diff retargeting engine “dual KGW 3”. This enginge has two KGW (Kimoto Gavity Well) threads, checking against each other, acting as the first ever realtime diff retargeting mechanism.

Even more interesting is Bitbreak. It is a function, that jumps in and enables an in-wallet micromining cloud, in case the mining hashrate drops under a certain value and it keeps the chain moving independent from mining activity. The political impact of a coin, that is independent from mining dictatorship, can just only be speculated on.

But hold on, this was just the Blockchain transport, there is even more. Despite from an inbuilt one-click solo-mining option, to enable average users, to experience mining their first own coins, the wallet pays a compound interest on any deposit to lower transaction costs. These are quite small percentages, but they are doing the job. There hasn’t been a simple and performing new wallet with that much disruption under the hood, for a long time. On top of it there is the most interesting feature for the user, that could challenge the market domination of the average staking technologies: “Term Deposit”. It works like saving on a bank account. You deposit some coins on a separated address, inside of your wallet and lock it, for a chosen time. When this time passed, you are getting interest in return. No hot computer, no resource monster on your desktop. The wallet feels like a feather compared to an average staking giant.

This reading, may have been quite technical, but here is the best: A wallet couldn’t be more hassle-free and easy to use, than this one. Any described function is just a single click away. That is what complex technologies should look like: Easy to use and powerful under the hood. The mind behind this fancy peace of code, is well know BITSEND developer Chris, who seems to generate increasing attention, all over the community. Since the release of his Europecoin wallet, his inbox is exploding. We will see much more disruption, from this Crew in future.

Chris is since a few month Europecoins core developer and is running another interesting coin himself: BITSEND. These two communities joined extremely successful their development and marketing efforts. What’s next at Europecoin? The team paid also great attention, to not only develop their coins, but also their own, ground-breaking infrastructure. Two month ago, maintainer Matthias Klees published his draft for a “Blockchain agnostic, permissionless altcoin federation protocol” basically an universal servicebus, to plug any altcoin, app or service onto a big decentralized network, without the need, of any identification layer. Stunning fifteen established altcoin development teams, have joined his initiative. Matthias has founded CRYTRONIKA GmbH, with an unknown amount of venture capital.

He is developing point-of-sales solutions, based on the opensource federated blockchains technologies. His company is now funding the project and hiring developers, to push it forward. They just moved into their new headquarters… and… to be continued…

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