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Europecoin Prereleases Completely New Wallet with Trading and Statistics App


The last few month you may have noticed the project already mentioned on Bitcoin Garden: “Europecoin: a movement to decentralize Europe”. Since then, the project proceed on its way, gaining some attention and trust. Matthias Klees, the lead developer, was able to attract some supporters and helping hands as also a new developer for the future of Europecoin. When Comkort closed, he launched a massive Twitter campain and ERC managed to enter Bleutrade Exchange and announced an investor, to support the project.


It remains unsure how many coins the investor bought to support the project, but shortly after the announcement the price began a steady path from 70 sat to over 480 sat today and it is keeping value. Short after the rise, Europecoin was added to Bittrex Exchange as the first altcoin that managed to return after having being delisted nearly one year before. Despite the fact that it is risky for a rising coin to add another high volume exchange to feed, Europecoin managed to keep up and entered the Coinmarketcap Top 100 two weeks ago.


During all that time a lot of testing about new features took place and some, like an Openbazaar integration, are still in the lab along with a set of new features, to be launched in their new wallet now. According to Maathias Klees there is a roadmap of events you should know about.

Current new wallet (referred as ERCv2 prerelease) statement:

So we are preparing a pre-release for you, to be published tomorrow (25.7 at 20.00 Berlin time). It will have most of all features except the VPOS. Let me also use this opportunity to say thank you to our engaged developer, for the extra effort.

What will be new:

1) we removed the fake VPOS and optimized the current staking engine. You will see it using 75% less memory and run much faster (New real VPOS is done and will replace it after the test period);

2) removed unsecure IRC requests and replaced them by hardcoded Bitnodes (thanks to and our donors);

3) excessive cleanup of senseless code from endless forks (nearly one third of the original file size) as well, as tons of fixes: Those who compile Europecoin from source, will not even see a warning;

4) all the features, I described and promised here:

– staking and coin stats (know what your system is doing)
– market Statistics (Bittrex and Bleutrade)
– market graphs (Bittrex and Bleutrade)
– and In-Wallet Trading Client


When the new already build „VPOS“ staking engine passed 10,000 Blocks testrun there will be the final release of ERC Wallet 2.

Europecoin is continuing to work out several features, to foster a currency, that enables a convenient and decentralized Market activity for the future of Europe. Matthias Klees also highlighted that these technical activities are all to support their main goal, which remains fostering expert groups and bring them to Brussels as grassroots lobby groups, to build an alternative to the current corporate lobby society.

Asked about the next steps of Europecoin Matthias just said:

Payment providers are next!

More info about the projcet can be found on their Bitcointalk thread:

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