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Ethereum-Based Blockchain Platform to Revolutionize Package Delivery Business


Aitheon, the Ethereum-based platform that announced its coin presale at the North American Blockchain Conference in Miami earlier this month, is looking to revolutionize the package delivery business with their latest partnership. Aitheon is partnering up with CarSmartt, a unique ride-sharing and package delivery application, to develop, test, and launch a fleet of driverless vehicles. Aitheon will implement the same driverless technology that has been showcased in Miami, backed by the safety and reliability provided by remote “pilots” operating on the Aitheon network.

With Aitheon working on developing and installing the driverless system, Carsmartt plans to purchase and operate a fleet of cars to deliver packages to customers, which will be controlled by the blockchain.  Aitheon plans on building and testing at least 5 of their driverless vehicles in 2018 at the CarSmartt production facility in Nevada. They are currently working on integrating the CarSmartt application into the Aitheon platform, a phase they plan to complete in the next 4 months. The vehicle testing phase is scheduled to commence later in summer this year.

Aitheon will bring in the hardware and software technology through partnerships with Quanergy, the leading provider of solid-state LIDAR sensors and smart sensing solutions and Nvidia Driveworks, a leader in advanced automotive technologies, to operate the driverless vehicles around the clock. The final testing of the vehicles will be done in Italy; Aitheon and CarSmartt expect to produce around 5 to 10 cars per month.

Although the final design remains undisclosed, sources have led us to believe that the final vehicle will be a eco-friendly hybrid, based on a transit or cargo van chassis. The vehicle will have multiple compartments much like PO boxes, which the package recipients will be able to unlock using the application on their smartphones. As always, the Aitheon ‘pilots’ will be on standby to take over if the AI is faced with a problem it cannot resolve. This interaction between robots and humans will not only impact economic growth but it will also create jobs in emerging industries.

In addition to the driverless technology and delivery business, Aitheon plans to make back-end automation technology accessible to small retail, hotel and restaurant businesses. Mining tokens on the Aitheon network is restricted, implying that with a limited supply of AIC tokens the value of the token will be driven up. The tokens are currently being offered on a pre-sale until the 31st of this month at 50% discount.  A 40,000 token buy-in is necessary to get basic access to the platform and use the tools on the network, higher buy-ins of 300,000 tokens gives one access to the platforms robot store. CEO Andrew Archer announced that the platform is already filled up to 25% capacity and sales are expected to increase in the last 2 days of the pre-sale.

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