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Emercoin introduces blockchain to the “smart house” concept


Emercoin is preparing a new project aimed at introducing blockchain solutions to alternative power supply systems, alternative energy technologies, and the “smart house” concept.

Mikhail Shlyapnikov, a famous blockchain enthusiast and downer of Kolionovo farm, and Tverdotop company are partners with Emercoin in this project. This project will utilize such blockchain functions as smart-contracts, crowdsale, and ICO.

The project is based on a conservative model of the production development and the subsequent product maintenance with the use of IT. The Emercoin blockchain platform, with its service products and high network security, was chosen as a technological base for the project. The project is expected to be launched this December.

Mikhail Shlyapnikov, one of the leaders of this project, told us about the details:

  • creating a new blockchain platform  for integrating financial, project, and production complex solutions in the sphere of self-contained energy and heating supply for residential and industrial facilities;
  • fund-raising, reducing the prime cost of equipment, flexible system of pre-orders, service and post-service maintenance;
  • applying the best practices of this project for Kolionovo facilities;
  • upgrading equipment with the goal of improving its efficiency and connecting it to “smart house” systems;
  • implementing green and energy-saving technologies.

Thus, Emercoin may be said to take an active part in developing alternative energy.


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