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EmerCoin announces emcLNX


Emercoin (EMC) is a strong innovator of Blockchain Technology; creating a variety of ways to utilize the blockchain for many decentralized applications. Launched in late 2013 EMC has moved forward at an amazing rate marking one milestone after the other completed. They have managed to reinvent a clone of Peercoin spliced with Namecoin and produced one of the most comprehensive uses of Blockchain Technology in Cryptocurrencies to date, as the Emercoin Community and Core Development Team continues to expand.

Emercoin is developed by an international team of engineers and crypto specialists. Together along with a giant and extremely loyal Emercoin Community, they continue to bring new features to the many utilizations of the EMC Blockchain. We will cover below one of these features in more detail complete with links through the Official Emercoin Website along with its uses plus highlight its latest feature in advanced Blockchain Technology emcLNX.

There is going to be an emcLNX Promotional Campaign which will be a way to earn free Emercoin and experience current Blockchain Technology use in real time by placing a button on your website to earn EMC or add to the growing Emercoin Network or direct traffic to or from your site. EMC is currently selling at 0.00012 BTC.

The Emercoin emcLNX is an Advertising Link Exchanger on the Emercoin Network Blockchain. It is a peer to peer text advertisement network that is based on the Pay-Per Click Model that covers 3 different areas of use and is open for anyone to participate. This will be a great way for webmasters to add another stream of revenue to their website, crypto related or not. There are 3 roles in this system:

  • Buyer: Advertises their website using the emcLNX network. They pay a small amount of funds for each Visitor referred to their site by the emcLNX network;
  • Host: Displays emcLNX advertisements on their website. When a Visitor clicks an ad, the Host sends this Visitor to the Buyer’s website and receives payment from the Buyer for this visit;
  • Visitor: An ordinary web-user who clicks on an advertisement on the Host’s website and arrives at the Buyer’s website.

An emcLNX participant can be Buyer and Host at the same time, i.e. they can show advertising links on their website, and also purchase traffic (visits) from the emcLNX network. Hence, they can pay other participants to attract visitors to their site, while earning money for sending visitors to other sites.

The system is completely Decentralized and therefore is censorship resistant and cannot be shut down. In this system, a Buyer directly pays the Host for each Visitor, i.e. there is no central agent to set a minimum price, allowed words, etc. Also, there is no “participation fee” or commission – all payments go directly between Buyers and Hosts, without the involvement of any intermediate agent.

emcLNX runs on the EmerCoin cryptocurrency and uses it in two ways:

  • It uses EmerCoin credits (EMC) as the payment unit for pay-per-click actions;
  • It uses EmerCoin Name-Value Storage (NVS) as distributed storage for advertising contracts.

The emcLNX Promotional Campaign will be primarily Twitter Based and will involve the New EmerCoinRTS Twitter Account. There will also be an email campaign with both Opt-in and Unsubscribe buttons that will be in line with all Current Can-Spam Act Laws and Regulations Globally.

They encourage everyone to come and participate in this working model of Blockchain Technology in its most advanced forms currently, and experience a glimpse into the future of tomorrow today. While you’re at it you can earn some Emercoin or utilize the emcLNX Link System to advance your business or website, while meeting the engineers who brought you Emercoin and its growing Global Community.



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