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Elite Mining launching its community building program


One of the cornerstones of the cryptocurrency industry is it’s community, it is one of the pivotal factors that pushed crypto innovation forward. Additionally, cryptocurrency mining also played a big part in making cryptocurrencies possible at the start of the industry, laying the groundwork for the existence of many cryptocurrencies currently available, through proof-of-work algorithms. Elite Mining Inc, is a Washington state (USA) based crypto mining company, that has acknowledged the importance of these two factors and also noticed that a rigid connection between the two is missing. There are many crypto communities out there and also many people or organizations that are involved with crypto mining. However there are not many places that are solely dedicated for people interested in mining to get together.

Therefore, on Monday the 22nd of April, Elite Mining Inc will launch its community building program with the goal to find those interested and busy with cryptocurrency mining and give them a place to talk and discuss. It is for people already busy with mining and those interested in mining. The community building program will start with a competition where people already mining can show off their mining setup. To join in and try to win a wide range of prizes, check it out! Additionally, there will also be a giveaway hosted by Elite Mining Inc to boost the community growth and give something back to the mining community from what Elite Mining Inc is mining.

According to the Elite Mining Inc team:

“At Elite Mining Inc the community is one of the things we value most, this is why we wanted to do these competitions and giveaways. Giving back to the community is important, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of the community. The whole industry itself is where it is today in part because of the crypto community, therefore it is important to value the community. At the same time we can also build a community for people new to mining and people who are already busy with mining, so they can all interact and learn from each other.”

Are you a cryptocurrency miner or are you interested in mining, don’t hesitate to check out the competition to show your mining setup and also meet other like minded people. The competition and giveaways are free to enter for everyone! If you are new to crypto mining and want to learn more, feel free to join us to learn more and have some fun and don’t hesitate to join! Become part of an exciting group and talk with an experienced community and team at Elite Mining Inc!

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