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Eidoo, the new mobile interface for cryptocurrencies, raises 20M Euro in few hours; ICO still open


Eidoo is a new mobile interface that aims to simplify the interaction between the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains and end users, providing an easy and safe way to buy, transfer, spend and convert cryptocurrencies.

The basic idea of Eidoo is to improve the user experience of holding a digital portfolio of cryptocurrencies, and to offer a set of services such as a decentralized exchange (it will allow to directly exchange cryptocurrencies between users), easy and safe participation into third-party token sales and ICOs, a rechargeable debit card, and a decentralized marketplace.

Originally founded by Natale M. Ferrara, the Eidoo project was developed by Eidoo Sagl, a company based in Chiasso, Switzerland. The team includes a strong Italian presence of well known blockchain coders, engineers and advisors.

After releasing at the end of August the iOS and Android version of their Eidoo Wallet, reaching over 9300 installations, the company has launched on October 4th, their ICO. Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) is a new way for blockchain-based startups to crowdfund for their fintech ventures. Small companies can bypass the rigorous capital-raising process required by traditional banks and financial system.

Via different groups of investors, the Eidoo ICO has sold in the first few hours over 10 millions tokens, for a counter value of over 20 millions Euro (about 80.000 Ethereum), being one of the first cases in the world where participation in the token sale is possible through the application itself.

“We welcome with great satisfaction the excellent result of the first hours of the token sale in which thousands of buyers has proven to believe in the goodness of our project.” – Thomas Bertani, Eidoo CEO.

Eidoo is a mobile wallet where users can store Ethereum and ERC20 tokens (Bitcoin, Zcash, and Dash will be available in the near future). Eidoo integrates an ICO Engine within the mobile wallet app, where users are able to participate and join an ICO by directly using their smartphone or tablet.

The ICO will be open until October 16th and you can participate in the sale using Ethereum cryptocurrency. The token price is $2.30 or better 130 EDO token per ETH. Before joining the Eidoo token sale, you’ll need to accept Terms and Conditions shown into the Eidoo app. EDO tokens will be listed on Eidoo exchange, as they plan to develop a decentralized exchange in the near future: it will be a hybrid exchange for Ethereum and tokens, but then it will turn into a fully decentralized platform for Bitcoin too. Rumors are that the EDO token will be listed in the Bitfinex exchange as soon as the ICO ends.

More info can be found on the official website:

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