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EdenDice: a game designed around player rewards


EdenDice is a Crypto-Currency gambling site designed around player rewards. They offer the most seamless and secure gambling platform allowing for the best online gambling experience.

30% of game profits given back

This is very simple. Many other gambling houses require you to invest to reap the rewards of the house. They give that to you for free. Every 24 Hours 30 % of the House’s Profits are evenly distributed to the current active user base for you to either withdraw or carry on playing. That’s your call.

How does EdenDice Work?

In order to start, click deposit and send either Bitcoin or Litecoin to the designated personal address provided. Each game will explain its rules upon clicking on it. When you are satisfied with your playing time you may either leave your funds in your profile or simply click ‘cashout’ and enter the amount you would like to send to your respective wallet. They keep track of our users via cookies, you will only be required to login with your password if logging on with a different device. It is recommended that you save your password with the same precautions as you do with your respective wallet.

Provably fair

EdenDice is provably fair which means that you can verify each roll of the dice, lottery draw and multiplier number. It is in no way manipulated. There is no way of knowing what number will be drawn as the roll is all dependent on your client seed and the daily secret. There is no way of manipulating this in any way. This data can be recalled and confirmed.


– Provably fair;
– House edge: dice house edge is 1%;
– Quick deposits: 1 confirmation on deposits
– Minimum bet: 0.00000001 BTC / 0.000001 LTC

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