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DYNO by DYNOSTICS – Live at Red Bull’s Worldwide Training and Health Facility


DYNO, the first blockchain based marketplace for user-driven sports and metabolic data is currently live at Red Bull’s performance center in Thalgau, Austria. The DYNOSTICS device was delivered to the facilities Director of Diagnostics and Training, Dr. Bernd Pansold, the doctor and advisor to professional athletes like Sebastien Vettel among other prominent athletes under the Red Bull banner.

DYNOSTICS the parent company of DYNO was launched in 2014 with a mission to improve global health. They designed and built the best-in-class health and fitness analysis device that provides feedback in a couple of minutes without the need for a medical professional. The device determines the user’s performance and metabolic data by analyzing the composition of gasses such as Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide released during respiration. The metabolic data is collected by a method called ‘spiroergometry’, and a pulse belt gathers performance data. The data sent from the various sensors is interpreted in real time by the DYNOSTICS mobile application and presented to the user in real time. After completing a short series of tests, the app gives users a plethora of information about how they process their food, their optimum pulse range to increase performance and burn fat, suggests diets and routines to best reach their fitness goals. The device is currently being used by thousands of customers globally, including CleverFit, and most recently Red Bull.

While developing the DYNOSTICS health analysis device, the creators realized that it was essential that the data collected from the devices were stored in a fair and secure manner. Distributed Ledger Technology opened the doors for DYNOSTICS to develop the first blockchain-based marketplace for sports and metabolic data.

The DYNO marketplace allows its users to sell their health and fitness data collected by the DYNOSTICS device to the platforms trusted partners, anonymously. Insurance companies, hospitals, research institutes, and other trusted partners can purchase the data from users using DYNO tokens based on ERC20. The data will enable precise research and studies in the field of healthcare and medicine. Users will also be encouraged to participate in ongoing studies, make adjustments to their lifestyles to fit the requirements for particular studies, and earn DYNO tokens in exchange for participating. A DYNO wallet eases payment and is integrated into the app suite and enables seamless transactions between users and data purchasers. The DYNO tokens can also be used in other online marketplaces or exchanged for other currencies.

The total number of DYNO tokens to enable trading between data owners and buyers is capped at 1,000,000,000 with no possibilities of minting new tokens. Out of the 1,000,000,000 tokens, only 550,000,000 tokens will be up for sale. Initially, 1 ETH token can be exchanged for 15,714 DYNO tokens with a hard cap of 35,000 ETH.

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