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DomusCoins Ready To Launch ICO – New Crypto Platform Backs its Cryptocurrency With Existing Real Estate Properties


Pre-Launch bonus of 10% live now. The DomusCoins ICO will make it possible for everybody to invest in Real Estate regardless of income.

It is beyond dispute that Real Estate Investing is one of the best ways to increase one’s wealth. In the past, real estate investing was mostly limited to persons of wealth, but not anymore. Thanks to DomusCoins, people all around the planet and of all income ranges can now invest in real estate. It is now possible to become part of a project with minimal outlay of funds, while additional funds can be added at any time. The DomusCoin Token makes all of this possible. A brilliant concept because unlike other ICO’s that are based on hopes and dreams, these tokens are backed by actual real estate.

DomusCoins can be exchanged like every other cryptocurrency or used to stay in any of the real estate properties in the network. The use of Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technology means that this decentralized platform is controlled by no one entity, but controlled by everyone. No changes or attempts at fraud can be made on the Blockchain. Nobody can access or corrupt the code on the Blockchain, but everybody can see the coded Smart Contract.

Some of DomusCoins features and benefits include:

  • DomusCoins Appreciation: The increasingly widespread use of cryptocurrencies will lead to an increase in the value of those currencies that present strong collateral. DomusCoins has all the characteristics to be a protagonist in this market. In any case, the value of DOC will grow at least as much as that of real estate. So, you will always be able to sell the DOCs at a higher value.
  • Renting: When you own a real estate property, it’s likely that you would rent it out and realize a profit. DomusCoins rents out the properties on a short-term basis to maximize returns. Profits will be shared proportionally with all the DomusCoins’ holders.
  • Selling: When you sell a property, you do it to make a profit. Again, this happens with DomusCoins, when a property is sold, the profit, in DOCs, is shared with all the DomusCoins’ holders.
  • Hassle-Free: Last but not least, you don’t have to worry about bureaucracy, DomusCoins’ team will take care of all the procedures. Because it is all done on the Blockchain, there are no Real Estate Contracts, no Mortgage Applications or documents and no fees to be paid to agents or attorneys.

Moreover, you can stay in any of the properties that are part of the network, paying in DOCs at the discounted price reserved for DOCs owners. DomusCoins represents the next generation of real estate investing. There is a 10% Bonus available now until February 28th just for early sign-ups. The ICO will launch on March 1, 2018. A detailed discussion about DomusCoins can be viewed in their Whitepaper here.

Complete information about the DomusCoins ICO can be viewed here:


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