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Docademic to revolutionize Genomics research with Blockchain integration


Launch of Docademic’s MTC 50% bonus Pre-sale started on February 5TH and last only 4 days.

The countdown is underway for Docademic’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Presale, to fund expansion of its Telemedicine services, and for its deal with “HealthSearch Diagnostics” which has genomic testing laboratories to also add patient’s Genomic information on the blockchain.  The ICO Presale, with a limited supply of tokens, will go live on February 5th at 00:00 CST.

Docademic are pioneers of Free basic healthcare using Telemedicine, real doctors and artificial intelligence. Currently Docademic has patients in 20 countries across the globe that can access this service by the press of a button to talk to a doctor face to face on their app for Free. Due to Docademic’s free access for patients it was logical to add to their already growing database that is going on a blockchain, Genomic information.  Docademic patient identities will not only have their health records that start with Docademics free telemedicine service, they will also be able to add Genomic information. This will revolutionize the future of clinical research, for example determining if patients have specific cancer genes just by accessing information on the blockchain. No other company in the world has access to so many patients across multiple countries. Patients will receive a home genome extraction sample kit where they will be able to send back their samples to get tested and results will be uploaded to their patient IDs on the blockchain along with their other medical data. First batches of patient genomic data are estimated to be uploaded to the blockchain within the next 6 months.

The company’s use of block chain technology has completely revolutionized its operations. Blockchain transactions are jointly processed by a mass of computers known as nodes. It is dynamic system which guarantees that the network is not controlled by any single source. The success of the ICO will enable Docademic to implement a blockchain powered by MTC. Their use of the Second generation blockchain Ethereum goes beyond exchanging digital currency and can operate entire applications. This will further mobilize the efficiency of the Medical platform as well as add access to anonymized patient data including genetic information using the MTC token.

Their Token sale structure is very attractive for contributors. A limited supply of tokens will be sold at a 50% bonus for only 4 days. The bonus drops to 40%, 30% and 20% until the presale ends on the 28th of February or the limited presale token supply is sold out. Whichever occurs first. The Soft cap is 525 ETH and Hard Cap for the Presale is 2,100 ETH. The tokens low price of .000035 ETH, about 3 cents USD, and its limited supply of tokens in its presale will make the token sale of high demand for buyers. After the Presale ends a Retail sale without bonuses will be launched 20 days after with a token supply 5 times larger. The retail crowd sale will have a Token supply equivalent to 10,150 ETH. Hard Cap for the complete ICO including the Presale and crowd sale is 12,250 ETH. This means that the presale will offer less than 20% of the available tokens and provides scarcity at the bonus offered. The token will be listed on many crypto currency exchanges as soon as possible after the ICO ends.

“We already have Governments and Healthcare institutions as clients that will use the MTC token for their own upcoming and existing medical services, as they migrate to decentralized platforms, said Co-founder and CEO Charles Nader. “We envision MTC will be used in the broader healthcare industry and any other industries for various purposes including using the data we generate daily for different healthcare applications including Genomic analysis.  The MTC token is the exclusive medium to access data generated by Docademic’s services including patient healthcare and genomic Data”.

Docademic’s ICO boasts an ICO profile of 3.9 on ICO Bench, an ICO rating platform supported by experts.

How to participate in the ICO sale

Contributors can participate by visiting where they will have the option of buying the MTC token on February 5th at 00:00 CST. Buyers are encouraged to act fast and benefit from a 50% discount from a limited supply of tokens when they purchase between February 5th and February 8th. For further details, visit:, read the Whitepaper and follow Docademic on social network Telegram, Facebook and Twitter.

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