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DineroONE – Payment System for 21st Century has gathered 1 million Euro, aims to reach €18 million via upcoming token crowdsale


Croatian start-up DineroONE aims to create new, €45 billion worth industry with their all-in-one payment product. Already reached €1 million via private investments even before their Token Crowdsale starts.

DineroONE  is a start-up coming from Europe with a main goal of modernizing the existing payment methods, facilitating cash flow monitoring for business entities and offering consumers a new payment solutions. They introduced vision of a product which will provide solution to all the problems that current payment systems are facing.

The goal is to create and launch DineroONE,  all-in-one multipurpose cash drawer (cashier) and platform. One of the main features will be automatic cash counting and real-time reporting of the current balance to business owners.

DinerONE  will provide cryptocurrency and card payment options, offer their own software solution with a cloud based application for tracking all of the transactions (raising and depositing cash in the cash register, cryptocurrency and card transactions) with invoice program integrated in it.

The idea for all the features came from everyday problems that business owners face (restaurants, shops, cafés, etc.). The goal is to make unique “all-in-one”  solution that will integrate all the necessary software and hardware devices into a single product which will be easy to use.

Through private investment project has already raised over  €1 million, but as the production of the whole system is capital intensive, they are opening a new round of capital-raising in the amount of € 18 million. For this purpose, they created the DineroONE Token.

Investors in project will become shareholders of the new company which will produce the whole system and sell it to businesses on global market. Investors, ie. co-owners will be entitled to annual dividends from profit (from sales of cash registers and services) and a monthly dividend from card and cryptocurrency transactions executed through the platform.

Those who want to know more can visit website for more information.

Investing is possible through Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrencies.

Behind DineroONE idea are founders Martina and Marija Zeljko, both with years of experience in digital business. The idea for the project was born several years ago because of their own needs, but now they have finally turned it to reality with the help of a new way of financing.

“According to the time we live in and available technology, our desire is to create a solution that will change previous experience with payment transactions and push it into the new era. Every one of us has been in touch with payment systems in various situations, but we don’t actually think about the process behind. Our goal is to improve that everyday process in order to save valuable time and extend the possibilities to match the modern lifestyle” – said Martina and Marija Zeljko.


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