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DIMPAY – Your B2B Crypto Solution


DIMPAY is a fast, decentralized payment system that is based on NEM blockchain technology.

The implementation of such technology makes the platform less expensive, faster and transparent, eliminating the need for third party ledgers. DIMPAY was created to facilitate peer to peer, business to business, consumer to business and business to consumer transactions.

Dim Ecosystem

DIMPAY is one of the many branches of the DIM Ecosystem and it consists of DEPOTWALLET, mobile DEPOTWALLET and DIM Credit Card. The access to DIM Ecosystem is facilitated by the use of the Hybrid Stock Exchange and WISE Consulting Ltd.

Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE) is a platform for online stock exchange that lets small and medium enterprises (SME’s) seek and access international capital from anywhere in the world.

WISE Consulting Ltd. acts as an exchange bureau for the DIM Ecosystem, arranging fiat currencies to be withdrawn in their Business Accounts, and then WISE transfers the sum in the merchant’s bank account.


DEPOTWALLET is a web app that is a virtual wallet which enables the user to buy, sell, hold and manage a variety of cryptocurrencies and his crypto assets. This blockchain based wallet lets users to make peer to peer transfers and companies to make business to business transactions.

Mobile DEPOTWALLET is like the DEPOTWALLET, only for mobile devices. The introduction of such an app will come first in a basic beta version for testing, and then security upgrades and updates will be implemented in the software.

DIM Debit Card

The DIM Debit Card will connect the user to the DEPOTWALLET account on both web and mobile app versions. Card owners will have the option to convert their DIMCOINs and cryptocurrencies into DIM currencies. The DIM currencies can be used by the card owners to shop for goods and services online and in real life.

Private and Business Accounts

Private accounts offer the user monopoly over their account. Said account will be linked to the DEPOTWALLET account which will give users the power to manage their electronic assets and cryptocurrencies in the account’s wallet.

Business Accounts will enable business owners to supervise their inventory and transactions through one account. They will be able to track their customers’ shopping and checkout experiences. Business account user will be able to make invoices and receive updates on their status, receive notifications when payments have been made, value-based billing and time-based billing.


This initial coin offering is a strategy that aims to help fully integrate DIMPAY into the DIM Ecosystem. This project is meant to let DIM TOKEN and cryptocurrency owners lend a helping hand in developing this area of the DIM Ecosystem. The ICO has the potential of increasing the value of DIMCOIN.

  • Release date: 7 December
  • Available until: 18 December
  • Maximum ICO Target: 1,500 BTC (Bitcoin)

Available Bonuses

  • 25% 4-6 December 2017
  • 10% 7-12 December 2017
  • 5% 13-18 December 2017

*10% will be added to the bonus for those that use NEM

The DIMPAY platform will be expecting growths this year, and this ICO release will surely give its development a significant boost in becoming an important part of the DIM Ecosystem.

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