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A Different Kind of Token Presale Underway


A different kind of Ethereum-token presale is underway in the City of London. Sharpe Capital is selling a token called SHP that is based on a product that exists now and actually works.

Unlike some initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO) promoters that are selling only a concept, Sharpe has a platform that is scheduled to go live on 11 December 2017. Sharpe’s Financial Markets Protocol, which is designed to make trade decisions based on crowdsourced asset sentiment is already available for investors’ inspection online.

What is even more impressive is that Sharpe plans to reward SHP token holders that use the Sharpe Platform to offer opens the stock market and blockchain assets starting on 11 January, 2018. The reward will be in a widely used cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH), rather than Sharpe’s SHP token.

Some Owners of New Token can be rewarded with ETH in 2018

That means some SHP owners will be rewarded with funds they can spend immediately for testing Sharpe’s Platform. That certainly sets Sharpe apart from other ICOs that may not pay out for years.

“We are one of the few blockchain-driven organizations backed by a working product that will be available from day one, the moment the crowd-sale ends,” a Sharpe Capital press release claimed. SHP owners earn monthly ETH payments in exchange for insight on blockchain assets and the stock market.

The ETH payments will be made on a monthly basis, Sharpe Capital announced. That means sentiment providers can receive some income from SHP from the beginning. Sharpe Capital plans to launch a prototype mobile app that will make accessing the platform easier early in 2018.

Cashing in on Market Based Sentiment

Sharpe Capital is using advanced artificial-intelligence (AI) technology; including neural networks and machine-learning modelling algorithms, to search for patterns in financial data in an effort to predict future prices.

What sets Sharpe Capital apart from other efforts to create AI-based investments is its use of machine-learning modelling algorithms to identify patterns of market sentiment. The hope is to anticipate sentiment-based market movements and price changes by analyzing those patterns.

Interested persons can participate in the presale here. Presale participants will receive a bonus of up to 30%. The minimum purchase at the presale is 33.4 ETH. Sharpe’s main sale; for which there will be no discount, is scheduled to begin on 13 November at 2 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT or London Time). Participants in the presale and the main sale will have to register and contributing using MetaMask or MyEtherWallet. More information about those applications can be found here.

This Medium article provides details about how to participate in the Sharpe Capital presale. Please go to for more information about Sharpe Capital and the SHP Tokens.

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