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DeHedge has issued the Manifesto of a Respectable ICO


DeHedge has issued the Manifesto of a Respectable ICO to rid the market of scammers and unscrupulous entrepreneurs who seek to cash in on uncontrolled cash flows.

DeHedge is engaged in the creation of conditions for safe investments in cryptocurrency ICO projects and minimization of risks, including the creation of financial cushions for investors. DeHedge specialists were among the first to enter the ICO market with a program to combat unscrupulous players, who seek to cash in on uncontrolled flows of large sums of money. The main point of this program is the Manifesto of a Respectable ICO.

Mikhail Chernov, the creator of the DeHedge project is the founder of four IT companies, an investor in stock markets, a tutor of the Sberbank project and Google Business Class, a graduate of the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management. He argues that the development of the cryptocurrency market depends on the safety of investments and the reliability of business projects. “We are convinced that businesses are obliged to protect the interests of their stakeholders and investors, thinking of them as members of the team. We do not want a repeat of the dot-com crisis, when people lost not only money, but also interest in the industry for years.”

The dot-com crisis, or the so-called “dot-com bubble” was inflated from 1995 to 2001. The culmination was seen on March 10, 2000, when the NASDAQ index reached a daily peak at 5,132.52 points during trading and fell more than 1.5 times on closing. The bubble was formed as a result of reorientation of old firms to conduct business in the global network, the emergence of a large number of new companies, as well as the rise of shares of American Internet companies. Their shares skyrocketed in price. Such high prices were justified by numerous commentators and economists who claimed that the “new economy” had finally emerged. In fact, these new business models were ineffective, and the funds spent mainly on advertising and large loans led to a wave of bankruptcies, a strong drop in the NASDAQ index, and the drop in prices for server computers.

The co-author of the project is a candidate of economic sciences, former partner of Troika Dialog, graduate of the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management, Dmitry Ansimov. He is quoted as saying: “We want to make the market less speculative, to give each figure a meaning and justification. We want the market of crypto-projects to be devoid of swindles, so that money is collected not for the sake of profit, but for the development of the company. The Crypto-Market is still very young and because of this, there are many problems in it. But, thanks to people like us, it will become more civilized, clean and transparent.”

The Manifesto of a Respectable ICO consists of an introductory part, where the top management of DeHedge focuses on its tasks and responsibilities before the market. What follows are 13 points of the Manifesto of a Respectable ICO project. DeHedge, positioning itself as a conductor of ideas and a model of honest business, essentially cites its own Charter. Among other things, the rules state that the authors of projects in the blockchain market should welcome an independent audit of the technical and financial parts of their business, and publish quarterly financial statements in both crypto and national currencies.

It is interesting that the authors consider one of the main postulates for a transparent ICO project to be the creation of a viable model of business and its presentation to the audience. In other words, firms preparing to attract investments through the sale of their tokens should show how the business works and what results it yields or may yield in the future, so that investors can assess the attractiveness of the product.

Mikhail Chernov called on all not indifferent entrepreneurs, investors and token owners to sign the Manifesto, and also assured that the ratification of this document will be mandatory for any ICO project that wants to cooperate with DeHedge.

More information about the Manifesto can be found on the DeHedge website or at the link:

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