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DECENT Reveals Development Plan & Roadmap following announcement of crowdsale campaign


Following the last week announcement where DECENT communicated the start date of the so-long-waited crowdsale campaign, officially called DECENT Software Sale, which will start 10th of September 2016, yesterday the company revealed in more details the development plan and the road map of the project.

The whole project plan consists of multiple years of innovations. They don’t want to build just another blockchain application, instead DECENT aims to revolutionize the whole digital content distribution system. To become a widely used technology empowering services used by individuals on daily basis as well as larger content distribution platforms for organizations. They plan to release multiple applications on top of the protocol which will build the initial infrastructure. To help the growth of DECENT Network they also plan to offer protocol implementation support for app developers. Last but not least, they have a plan to build a Hardware solution, a plug & play smart TVs, that will run on DECENT Network.

DECENT Software Sale is a crucial point in the evolution of DECENT Network. It will create the decentralized nature of the platform and provide resources for further development. DECENT’s aim to establish blockchain based digital content distribution network depends on the support it actually gets. The wider token distribution will be made, the larger decentralized trust can be built.

In support to the Software Sale, the company already started a bounty campaign to reward fans and supporters and build a solid link with the crypto community at the same time. A total of 1,000,000 DCT has been allocated for the bounty campaign, 700K for the pre-ICO phase and 300K for the post-ICO phase.

Bounties are available for participants from the two most important social networks, Facebook & Twitter, as well as DECENT own newsletter subscribers. Cherry on top, a signature campaign is taking place on the popular forum Bitcointalk.


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