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DECENT Releases Official Crypto Wallet for iOS Devices


DECENT, the international blockchain company behind the DCore technology, released the official DECENT Wallet for iOS devices to the public. The iOS wallet marks the third installment in DECENT’s wallet assortment, following the web as well as Android versions released last year. The application can be directly downloaded through the Apple App Store (depending on the availability in certain countries and regions).

After the release of its Android counterpart, the hallmarks for the newly released iOS wallet include viewing, sending and receiving DCT tokens (DECENT’s crypto-asset) – all of which are underlined by the DCore blockchain’s fast speeds for near-instant transfers. 

“With our DECENT Wallet now available for iOS, we take yet another step towards global innovation with blockchain. iOS is such a dominant platform, having hundreds of millions of users around the world, and we are glad to have our wallet available in the Apple App Store, bringing enjoyable user experience to all Apple device users” says Peter Matejík, Product Manager at DECENT.

New users will create an account using the DECENT Web Wallet, whereas existing account holders can synchronize their previously set up accounts – which then can be fully integrated with the iOS wallet through a website-generated QR code. Upon login, users are able to view, send and receive DCT tokens, change security settings, and get access to links to documentation for the iOS wallet and other DECENT products, a voting section for miners on DCore as well as the recently released official DECENT Explorer to view all transactions on the blockchain. 

DECENT’s tech team is currently dedicated to adding new functionalities to the iOS wallet in the upcoming months, some of which will feature viewing account balance in USD, EUR and GBP, additional support for UIAs (User Issued Assets), transfers via QR codes and more. DECENT also plans on integrating more upgrades and enhancements to its other wallet products, in the very near future. All upcoming news will be announced through DECENT’s official channels.


Founded in 2015, DECENT is a non-profit foundation that has developed an open-source blockchain platform, DCore. Cooperating closely with top investment funds and incubators, DECENT is dedicated to building the ecosystem upon its proprietary blockchain technology to help developers and businesses adapt to a decentralized future.

About DCore

Launched in 2017, DCore is a stable, customizable and cost-efficient open-source blockchain platform that can easily be built upon. As the world’s first blockchain dedicated to digital content, media and entertainment, DCore provides user-friendly SDKs to empower dApp developers and businesses in the decentralized network.

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