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DECENT Partners With Pivotal Entertainment to Bring Blockchain Technology to Entertainment


DECENT, a global innovator in blockchain technology, has teamed with Pivotal Entertainment as its official U.S. business partner. Pivotal, a global innovator specializing in navigating the constantly evolving media and technology landscape, will engage with the film, television, music, publishing and fashion worlds to demonstrate how DECENT’s new blockchain-enabled platform will revitalize their industries.

Founded by industry veteran Amorette Jones, Pivotal Entertainment stands at the forefront of change in a constantly evolving media landscape. Having launched successful ventures that integrate Chinese technology strategies with U.S. media companies, Pivotal now leads the charge to bring blockchain technology to the entertainment industry.

Prior to founding Pivotal, Jones served as a marketing executive at MGM, STARZ, Artisan Entertainment, and Universal Studios. In 1994 she innovated the first motion picture website (for Stargate) and is known for her groundbreaking marketing strategy in support of The Blair Witch Project, widely credited as the first viral marketing campaign.

DECENT is the first, and most trusted platform designed specifically for the creative community. Owning their own blockchain technology (and not relying on third party solutions) allows DECENT to adapt and evolve their technology directly to the needs of the industry.

“Blockchain technology revolutionizes the way entertainment is created, consumed and monetized,” said Jones. “I sought out DECENT because we share a common vision- to restore value to creative artists who are the lifeblood of entertainment.”

Already recognized in Forbes, Inc., and The Huffington Post, DECENT is looking to Pivotal Entertainment to build B2B and B2C awareness and excitement for their platform. At the recent Unchained conference in Hong Kong, Jones addressed an audience of journalists, government officials, and leaders in business and technology about the advantages of DECENT, which promises to revolutionize entertainment by giving creators instant access to a global marketplace.  As Jones explained, DECENT’s platform is designed to restore value to creators by enabling them to price their own content, eliminate third-party fees, simplify crowdfunding, and self-distribute their content.

“Pivotal has given us invaluable insight into how to grow our business and enhance our existing capabilities to match the needs of creators,” said DECENT’s Founder and Executive Director, Matej Boda.  “Amorette and her team offer a breadth of expertise in delivering smart, strategic, and forward-thinking campaigns to a global audience.”

First proposed in 2009, blockchain technology utilizes decentralized networks to create fast, secure transactions without the need for third-party authorization. While its early success was in the realm of cryptocurrency, DECENT is the first company to use blockchain to create a market-ready platform for distributing media content.


The DECENT Foundation was established in 2015, by Matej Michalko and Matej Boda. A swiss company, DECENT is focused on using the power of blockchain to take on some of the biggest issues of our digital age. At the heart of DECENT is DCore, a proprietary adaptation of blockchain technology. With DCore and deep understanding of blockchains DECENT collaborates with a number of industries, with companies like Dragonfly, Venaco Group, and more.

About Pivotal Entertainment

Pivotal Entertainment is a global innovator, specializing in navigating the constantly evolving media and technology landscape. Founded by Amorette Jones in 2013, Pivotal Entertainment works on the principle that emerging media platforms have erased the traditional boundaries among development, production, marketing, and distribution.

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