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DECENT Network Development Update


After the raising over $4.2 million worth of Bitcoins from their Initial Coin Offering, it’s safe to assume that 2017 will be a milestone year for DECENT regarding development of fully functioning and interactive DECENT Network.

In case you missed it, DECENT is an Open-Source decentralized content distribution platform that utilizes blockchain to ensure trust and security for content creators and enterprises. The official mainnet of DECENT will be released during June/July with full set of functions, fully operating core, strong cryptography to provide adequate safety from hackers, DCT wallet, and search criteria for specific content, not to mention seeding plugin.

There are four test phases planned at the moment which will precede the launch of DECENT mainnet. Participants on the first testnet will have an opportunity to try out the fully functional Decentralized Marketplace with available digital content together with addition of subscription-based content delivery solutions. The demo will also introduce advanced recommendations for various content located in the marketplace.

Every two weeks the company is releasing a bulletin with the state of development, providing data from their programmers and architects. The first phase of development lasted from 4th till 18th January and here are the features that have been completed so far:

  • Subscription mechanism has been successfully implemented in the DECENT Core, therefore the first step of subscription-based content delivery is achieved. Basic functionalities involve managing active subscriptions and price-and-duration matching;
  • Option to join witness and committee role regards to transaction position and becomes available at the launch of DECENT Network, together with subscription;
  • Our developers have also finished their work on designing package format and creating library for package manipulation, the highly prioritized features;
  • To streamline the network’s operational output, our team enabled building the product under primary target systems and architecture what will help Windows, Mac and Linux users in the development of their software under DECENT’s blockchain protocol.

Next phase is going to end 2nd February and it will introduce next set of functionalities, core and secondary features. You can stay up to date with the last development subscribing to their official newsletter.

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