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DECENT Founder and CEO, Matej Michalko Collaborates with Gratia Christian College, Hong Kong


DECENT’s Founder and CEO Matej Michalko has joined with Gratia Christian College (GCC) in Hong Kong to provide teaching, training and research collaboration of a new Blockchain and innovative technology program. The Memorandum of Understanding with DECENT was initiated by Dr. Shirley Yeung who is Head of School of Business for visualizing United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UNSDG), Quality of Education and Innovations with UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). The agreement for collaboration between DECENT Founder and CEO Michalko and GCC is looked at by both parties as a mutually beneficial partnership.

Matej Michalko has been extensively involved in Bitcoin and blockchain technology since 2011, organizing and serving as CEO of many Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences from all corners of the world. As Founder and CEO of DECENT, a blockchain-based content distribution platform aiming to revolutionize the media sharing industry, his vast experience and expertise in the field of blockchain technology makes him a valuable asset to Gratia Christian College who are looking to enlighten young minds about the benefits of this emerging technology.

Gratia Christian College (GCC) offers an integration of Christian faith and academic learning not found in any higher education institutions locally, stressing the importance of servant leadership and intellectual development. GCC in Hong Kong is a higher education learning institution which blends the Christian faith and core values into the main infrastructure of the academic programs they offer with a focus on commitment, humility, resilience, integrity, service and teamwork.

Michalko will share his plethora of knowledge on blockchain systems and innovative technologies with bright young minds and explore the advantages of such innovation. Meanwhile, GCC will expand their research collaboration for different kinds of programs and implement additional teaching, joint training and consultancy procedures into their curriculum. Collaboration is projected to begin in October of this year.

Thanks to this activity, students from around the world can learn about blockchain and other new technologies. DECENT plans to widen its reach to different continents and contribute to educating young minds along the way.


DECENT is a blockchain-based digital media distribution platform designed to bring more transparency and fairness to the media industry. DECENT allows artists to efficiently distribute any form of content online without having to wait for payment or pay hefty fees. DECENT’s purpose-developed blockchain will revolutionize data distribution, saving content producers money and giving them more control without compromising on security.

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