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DECENT Blockchain-based Content Distribution: Past, Present and Future


It has been some time since DECENT started to work on their independent web 3.0 platform. If you’ve been a reader of Bitcoin Garden for long time you’ll remember our first article about DECENT, dated July 20, 2015, when we gave you a sneak peek of what was boiling in the pot.

But, starting from the very begin, how did this dream become reality? The history of the project actually began when two old-­time friends Matej Michalko and Matej Boda joined a common interest in technology and decided to co­-organize Bitcoin-­related conferences. During Bitcoin Expo in London, Shanghai, CEBEXPO Vienna and Bitcoin 2 Business Brussels they had deep conversations regarding crypto­ environment. After sharing their insights into various cryptocurrencies and blockchain oriented projects, they have come to an idea, that Blockchain technology could become a unified system of digital content publishing and sharing all around the globe.

Things happened to go very fast afterwards. They joined the forces and start development of a content distribution network that will posses all the advantages of a decentralized trust machine ­ the Blockchain. More people joined the team and step by step a name DECENT was derived as an abbreviation of decentralization and resemblance of the word dissent that can be understood as a backflow or let’s say an attempt to change the current reality. Finally, in January 2016 they unveiled the first prototype to demonstrate the main features of their network.

In the past few months DECENT has caught tremendous attention in the eye of the public and their project became topic of great discussion on several cryptocurrency dedicated online forums and on the social networks. What played a big part in such a rapid growth of awareness and popularity was support of various companies, the most significant being the sponsorship granted by Google, a giant on the field of media sharing. Only a week ago DECENT announced their latest partnership with FreeWallet, a well-known and trusted wallet service that enables easy-to-use way to store and manage your DCT assets.

DECENT has come a long way so far and thanks to all the valuable advice and remarks received from its partners and supporters the ideas of Digital Revolution are coming into reality through a DECENT Software Sale that begins on the 10th of September 2016. DECENT Software Sale is a crucial point in the evolution of DECENT Network as it will create the decentralized nature of the platform and provide resources for further development. The wider token distribution will be made, the larger decentralized trust can be built.


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