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DECENT Announces Founding of New Media & Entertainment-Focused Subsidiary Entitled DMG


The Swiss-based international blockchain company, DECENT, announces the launch of a new media and entertainment spin-off company, named DECENT Media Group (DMG). By establishing DMG, DECENT intends to concentrate all of its use cases for the entertainment and media industry into a single entity.

The media and entertainment industries have recorded a dramatic shift from the traditional television networks in the past few years, as – with the advancement of modern technology – viewers’ focus is shifting toward more convenient services such as online streaming and on-demand platforms. 

With DECENT’s rising portfolio of projects pertaining to different fields of industry, namely aviation & defense, supply chain management, and finance, the company has established a new entity which would allocate resources and ensure its primary focus to media and entertainment projects through the use its proprietary technology, DCore. DECENT’s blockchain protocol already fuels numerous media & entertainment-oriented projects, like Ficto by Fiction RiotMuviFilmzie, and, to name a few. 

“Our DCore platform has proven to be versatile and this is evident by the many different industries it has benefited over the past year and a half. The establishment of DECENT Media Group (DMG) allows us to dedicate focus on industry-specific projects oriented towards media and entertainment with the goal in mind of further progressing blockchain adoption,” says Matej Michalko, CEO and Founder of DECENT.

DECENT presents the new undertaking at both the NAB Show in Las Vegas, USA, and MIPTV in Cannes, France, this week – two renowned content development & distribution events which bring together the world’s top TV and digital content executives for multiple days of meetings, screenings, speeches, and conferences.

About DMG

DECENT Media Group (DMG) focuses on designing, developing, and commercializing innovative blockchain-based solutions for the media and entertainment industry. DMG’s mission is to facilitate content distribution in a faster, more cost-efficient manner whilst ensuring that content creators get their fair share of revenue for their work and content consumers pay a fair price.


Founded in 2015, DECENT is a non-profit foundation that has developed an open-source blockchain platform, DCore. Cooperating closely with top investment funds and incubators, DECENT is dedicated to building the ecosystem upon its proprietary blockchain technology to help developers and businesses adapt to a decentralized future.

About DCore

Launched in 2017, DCore is a stable, customizable and cost-efficient open-source blockchain platform that can easily be built upon. As the world’s first blockchain dedicated to digital content, media and entertainment, DCore provides user-friendly SDKs to empower dApp developers and businesses in the decentralized network.

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