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DCore Technical Roadmap 2018 Released


DECENT has just released a technical roadmap created by the developers of their proprietary blockchain called DCore. In the DCore technical roadmap, the development team outlines new additions, improvements and fixes coupled with a short explanation about each. This is the first roadmap from the development team which strictly focuses on DCore. In November 2017, the team publicly launched a series of DCore updates which covered some main features that are unique to their blockchain architecture. Significant points from the November releases are highlighted below followed by the development plans for 2018.

DCore November 2017 Recap

Custom tokens

  • Gave DCore account managers the ability to create their own custom tokens, based on DCT, similar to what ERC20 tokens do for Ethereum. For a real-world application of custom tokens please check out what is being done with ALAX.

Messaging on blockchain

  • Allows users to send messages to one or more accounts – this message is recorded on the DCore blockchain and is encrypted and readable only for the sender and receiver. Plus, since the message is on the blockchain, the message is automatically permanent, tamper proof, and time-stamped.

Seeder ratings

  • Performance and reliability ratings are now monitored and reported.
  • This is useful for publishers to see which seeders are trustworthy and reliable before they choose who will host their content. There are many attributes that are rated and all the info is securely stored on the DCore blockchain.

Seeder settings (option to set seeding costs in FIAT currencies) and seeder plugin

  • It was not possible to set price in fiat currencies at the time of launch. With the November update around 30 currencies were added.

Geolocation of seeders

  • As a seeder, you can set your location. Content providers can then see and choose seeders which are nearby. Location is set in 2-letter country codes (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2).

March 2018 Release

Improved: API enhancement

  • Enhanced documentation — improved comments in the source code that will result in better documentation (Doxygen).
  • Wallet API source code — split into logical groups.
  • Useless APIs removed and new APIs added.

Improved: ElGamal keys remembering

  • Old ElGamal keys will be remembered after account key-pair change
  • Explanation:
    • When a user changes the key-pair, new ElGamal keys are also generated
    • Content purchased under an old key-pair would be rendered inaccessible (as ElGamal keys control access to content – new ElGamal key will not match with the old one)
    • This change fixes that — old content will be accessible under new key-pair
    • This change only affects the CLI wallet

Improved: Ability to firmly set max supply for custom tokens (UIA)

  • Custom tokens (UIA) can be used for ICOs on DCore blockchain

New: Public testnet launch

  • Testnet for public usage. Technologically a mirror of mainnet. It also has a set of public test accounts.
  • This will be linked to detailed documentation upon release.

New: Payment tied to content

  • Support of additional payments and revenue splitting on one piece of content.
  • Previously payment could only be sent to an account.
  • This allows payment to be linked to a digital item, thus allowing in-app purchases.

New: Desktop wallet update

  • Blockchain sync with better descriptions
  • Desktop Wallet Voting

New: CDN support for digital content storage

  • Currently we only support IPFS, however some partners require CDN support. This will also allow applications to bypass seeders.

New documentation

  • More detailed dev and end user documentation with new topics, showcases and guides.

Bug fixes

  • memo decryption.
  • payment splitting.
  • seeding price overflow.

July 2018 Release

Content streaming

  • Upload and download functionalities.

Support for non-transferrable custom tokens (UIAs)

  • Enables larger amount of UIA use-cases.
  • Non-transferrable tickets — usage e.g. school credits.


  • Possibility to lock tokens for specified time intervals to get some extra features e.g. transactions without fees.

DMCA notifications and process

  • Possibility to stop the seeding of illegal content.


The team at DECENT looks to be focusing on their technology, making usability and infrastructure for dapp developers a big priority for 2018. They released a company roadmap at the beginning of this year which highlighted the importance of DCore.

“DCore is a platform, not only for content distribution but for a wide range of use cases. Since our technology is open-source, developers and companies can use DCore for their projects, making the list of use cases essentially endless.” – DECENT Roadmap


DECENT is a Swiss company, established in 2015 by Matej Michalko, focused on using the power of blockchain to take on some of the biggest issues of our digital age. DECENT developed a proprietary blockchain technology and platform called DCore. Deep understanding of blockchains in combination with DCore allow DECENT to collaborate with a number of industries, from business systems to game distributors and more.

About DCore

DCore is the blockchain you can actually build on. Developed by DECENT, this platform is set to revolutionize the way digital data is exchanged by providing simplified, decentralized and borderless content and data distribution. Strong cryptography ensures the highest level of security and trust. DCore is an open-source solution for companies looking to fast-track their own blockchain-based ideas.

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