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Dapple Airdrops – The Ultimate ERC20 Token Multisender


Dapple Airdrops is a token multisender Dapp built on the Ethereum blockchain. The Dapp is capable of transferring tokens in large batches of at least 170 addresses at a time, and is compatible with all properly implemented ERC20 tokens.

Since its release back in late July, 2018, Dapple Airdrops has facilitated token transfers to over 500,000 participants. Moreover, the application has recently begun growing in popularity as one of the go-to solutions for token airdrops, which is likely a result of some the newly added and unique features which are not offered by its competitors.

What sets Dapple Airdrops apart from other token distribution applications?

First of, the developers of the Dapp understand that for most users, interaction with smart contract applications is not the most intuitive of tasks. Many even struggle with the very basics, such as installing MetaMask and sending ETH to it in order to cover the cost of gas fees. Having said that, the team care very much about the experience of their users and have therefore included a live chat support channel to assist users and answer any questions. This is something which has been very well received by many users.

Moving on, the web interface of Dapple Airdrops has recently been updated and now includes some rather useful and convenient features. One such feature allows users to easily adjust gas prices to their liking, whilst also being presented with the current gas prices of the network. In addition to this, the application also calculates an estimated cost in gas fees for every 100 token transfers, giving users an intuition of the total gas fees which they are likely to incur.

Another feature, that is perhaps the most appealing for newcomers is the free trial of 100 drops (where 1 drop = 1 transfer of tokens), which is automatically allocated to all ERC20 tokens which have not been airdropped on the platform before. This allows users to test that the application works prior spending their hard-earned ETH.

Furthermore, users are rewarded with bonus drops as they spend on the application. The bonus is set to 20%, so for every 100 paid drops made, 20 bonus ones are granted. This feature makes it much more affordable for airdrops with very large numbers of participants. Though, it does benefit smaller projects too.

Does Dapple Airdrops also help manage bounty campaigns?

At the current moment, Dapple Airdrops unfortunately does not offer this service. It only facilitates token distributions, but not the gathering of Ethereum addresses and tracking of social media campaigns. Having said that, many users have requested such a service and will be offered in the near future. In the meantime, it is recommended to use services such as: Airdrop Alerts, Airdrop King, and Coin Switch (there are many others).

Is Dapple Airdrops safe to use?

The developers of Dapple Airdrops take security very seriously. A lot of careful considerations and precautions were made during the implementation of the Dapp’s smart contract code, which was written using the test-driven-development (TDD) methodology. As a result, in the 8 months since the deployment of the application, no risks or serious errors have been discovered by any users of the Dapp.

Additionally, the developers are also firm believers in gaining the trust of users by being as transparent as possible. Therefore, the smart contract code has been verified on Etherscan for all to see. Click here to view the verified code.

Official website:

Contact the team directly via the following email address: [email protected]


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