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CryptoGames – Sublime Crypto Casino with stellar old school games and extravagant services


Online gambling is one of the refined forms of entertainment in the internet. This is where a sublime quality of entertainment and a way to earn massive amounts of cryptocurrency come together to produce a divine experience for a gambler. Online casinos are now at the forefront of a revolution in the gambling industry which continuously improves the quality of entertainment and services provided to gamblers. Moreover, the number of online gamblers has risen in parallel to the popularity of online casinos. As a result, there is a high demand of top quality gambling sites which will be able to provide satisfactory services to users. The sublime online casino known as CryptoGames comes as a savior in this situation and brings with it a set of stellar services and mesmerizing games that can satiate the expectations of any ardent gambler.

Owned by a company known as MuchGaming B.V, CryptoGames is an online casino licensed and under the jurisdiction of the government of Curacao. The online casino has amassed hundreds and thousands of peers and users all over the world in spite of its geographical location. It has achieved this terrific feat through its effort in producing top quality services and its efficiency in maintaining a high standard in the gambling world. With its hard stance on maintaining the supreme quality of its services and its dedication to its fabulous user base, CryptoGames has attained the admiration and respect of gamblers all over the world. It hopes to maintain its high standard of services and cement its legacy as a gambling haven for ardent gamblers.

Be mesmerised with their pristine interface

CryptoGames has acquired immense regard and profound respect from the gambling world for its sublime interface. This profound love is due to the minimalistic appearance and the simplistic outlook of the interface. The basic features of the site permit it to be explored effectively by a wide range of visitors – even those who navigate the site for the first time.

Users are able to access all the majestic features of the site quite easily and achieve a pristine browsing experience. The site has allocated a chat box which acts as a medium of communication between site users which helps them to socialize while gambling.

The absence of flashy design means players can invest their undivided attention into the games. Moreover, all of the games can be played flawlessly on a majority of devices due to the light interface. This means gamblers can load and play their favourite games on devices with extremely low specifications. The games can be switched with a few clicks and gamblers can view all necessary information easily beside every game that is being played. The themes can be altered easily according to the user’s preference through the settings situated at the top right, under “Your Account”. Interface can be switched to the current trending “Dark Mode” to reduce eye straining while playing.  FAQ, Chat Rules and Support Link can be accessed and read at the bottom of the page.

Derive maximum satisfaction by playing old school games with outstanding house edge!

CryptoGames has earned profound respect and endless admiration from the gambling because of the presence of its sublime collection of casino games. These games have generated such huge love and repute from the community because of their nostalgic vibe. In fact, many of these old school games existed long before crypto gambling became a thing.

CryptoGames offers 8 of these impressive games. You might be wondering why only eight games are offered whereas other casinos hundreds of different games. The main reason is, CryptoGames sheer quality over numbers and doesn’t wish to obstruct the focus of players by giving hundreds and thousands of games. All games comes with various guides and instructions that contribute massively in helping players learn these games in the best way imaginable. The games offered by CryptoGames are – Dice, Slot, Roulette, Blackjack, Lotto, Plinko, Video Poker and Minesweeper.

The games offered by CryptoGames are also widely renowned for their highly competitive house edge. The casino has a very reasonably low house edge of only 1% in dice. On other hand, Lotto has 0% house edge and winners are rewarded with all of the cryptocurrency collected through ticket sales. All the other games also boast highly remunerative house edge granting users fabulous odds of winning.

You never have to worry about fairness of the games

All of the games available at CryptoGames are provably fair – which means players are never cheated out of their winnings and are rewarded immediately after the game. Provable Fairness is a system where cryptographic strategies can be utilized to decide if a casino meddles with the result of games and players can utilize these to confirm results of games and wagers. In this manner Provable Fairness is utilized to decide the unwavering quality of a gambling site and ensures it is totally unbiased and impartial.

Addionally, CryptoGames also provides a very handy guide on how to verify wager results by using seeds and hashes, demonstrating its eagerness in helping players. For lottery winnings, the casino utilizes RandomPicker, which is a third party site that guarantees the authenticity of all lottery draws by utilizing anti-cheat manoeuvres. All vital information is made accessible to the public and can be used to decide the fairness of the lottery.

Have a glance at the lucrative referral rewards and massive jackpots!

The referral rewards offered by CryptoGames has pulled in countless gamblers to the site and has added immensely into making the CryptoGames community bigger. 15% of the house edge of the bet amount is given to players for each referral they make. This referral commission will be given to the player everlastingly and won’t be influenced by any losses suffered by the user. Clients who wish to promote the casino through on regular basis through different medium can contact the casino directly and negotiate a custom commission rate. The rate will be determined based on how creative the strategy will be and the outcomes.

Two games offered by CryptoGames generate a progressive jackpot. These games are under constant surveillance of gamblers who would do anything to earn these plentiful prizes! Presently, games of Dice and Roulette boast colossal jackpots and are constantly being hunt by players who are enthusiastically waiting to claim the prize! Current jackpot of bitcoin now remains at 3.8 BTC, and will turn into the prize of a gifted and fortunate player. Altcoins have their own individual jackpots.

Compete with other competitive gamblers in monthly wagering contests and earn the VIP status!

The gamblers of CryptoGames has a massive opportunity to compete against each other through the monthly wagering contests. These contests serve as a battleground between devoted gamblers who are adamant on rising up higher on the leaderboard. These contests are where a gambler can test his true potential. The victors of these contests are perceived as champions of the month and their efforts are well compensated with heaps of profitable rewards. The following is a list of rewards given to the top champions which may be subject to future change:

  • Bitcoin: 3.84 BTC and 828 lotto tickets are distributed among the top 10 winners.
  • BitcoinCash: Lucky winners are awarded a total of 5 prizes that sum up to 18.5 BCH.
  • Dash: Top 5 winners are given a total of 18.50 DASH.
  • Dogecoin: 975,000.00 DOGE and 320 lotto tickets are distributed among the top 5 players.
  • Ethereum: 21.80 ETH and 828 lotto tickets are distributed among the top 10 winners.
  • Ethereumclassic: 185.00 ETC is distributed among the top 5 winners.
  • Litecoin: 42.50 LTC and 790 lotto tickets are distributed among the top 7 winners.
  • Monero: 23.30 XMR total bonuses distributed among the top 5 winners.
  • NeoGas: 290.00 GAS total bonuses are distributed among the top 10 winners.

Some of the top position holders of the leader board are also granted the VIP status that gives them exclusive access to special sitewide features! Some of the benefits given to the holders of Premium VIP members are:

  • Reduced House Edge on Dice
  • Highest Bet Priority
  • Higher onsite Exchange Limits
  • Access to a private VIP Chat
  • VIP Tag on Chat
  • $50 Birthday Bonus
  • Extra Lottery Tickets
  • Vouchers Codes of different values.

Celebrate profusely through countless promotions and events hosted by CryptoGames!

Players of CryptoGames relish innumerable occasions where they are given a myriad of free coins, voucher codes, lottery tickets and other alluring prizes! Don’t forget to follow them on social media platforms as gamblers are notified about these occasions through those account and their bitcointalk forum announcement thread.

Moderators of CryptoGames host plenty of custom games during these occasions that provide players with more chances of earning free coins and rewards. This year CryptoGames already hosted various events which received high praise from the community! Players were given free coins in their emails during these festive occasions. Again, every Monday users relish an exceptional “No Bet Speed Limit” event that lifts the limitations on number of wagers they can placed per second giving its users better opportunities to make profit. Also, daily and weekly challenges are held where users receive rewards upon completion.

In Conclusion

CryptoGames is a stellar gambling site that has asserted its dominance in the gambling world through its wonderful services and engaging games. Its supreme dedication towards user satisfaction has guaranteed its popularity is unmatched in the gambling world. It offers a collection of old school games that have hordes of fans due to their nostalgic vibe. The games are even more beloved in the community as they are provably fair and have reasonable house edge. CryptoGames also offers worthwhile referral rewards and appealing jackpots that have pulled in countless players to the site.

The site has an attractive interface that can be easily navigated by everyone and the interface lacks any distracting designs.  Players from all over the site get to compete with each other through monthly wagering contests and are able to test their potential. Winners of the contests are rewarded handsomely for their effort through lucrative benefits! The users of CryptoGames also relish numerous promotional events all throughout the year! All of these guarantee CryptoGames has rightfully earned the love and admiration of its peers and has set a high standard in the gambling world that other online casinos can follow.

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