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CryptoAdSolution changing the advertising industry with launch of ICO


Unique industry – focused digital currency, CyptoAdSolution, aiming to change the marketing services industry with the launch of ICO and cryptocurrency platform.

CryptoAdSolution is the first of its kind community and industry-focused digital currency specifically developed as a solution to the challenges of market services as well as master node cryptocurrencies. CryptoAdSolution is aiming to make crypto advertising great again, ensuring the different stakeholders in the industry can effectively reach their target audience.

The cryptocurrency industry has evolved the years, with different businesses across several industries integrating the use of digital currencies into their operations. This has led to the increasing popularity and acceptance of cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, the crypto industry and its stakeholders have not been able to reach their target audience, consequently limiting the reach of the industry. This can be attributed to the different challenges of marketing in the industry. CryptoAdSolution, is, however, changing the narrative by delivering a solution-oriented concept that would answer the different questions of simple marketing of the crypto industry.

The developers of the solution have created a unique platform in conjunction with a hybrid system and cryptocurrency, specializing in marketing services in the cryptographic industry. By leveraging the power of the blockchain technology, CryptoAdSolution comes with a wide range of features and of course, benefits, with different advertising packages designed to help generate qualitative traffic, while also rewarding customers with a passive income.

The system’s Costumer Advertising Packages are designed to provide customers with high-quality effective advertising services and generate a passive income, while the Advertising Marketplace bridges the gap between consumers and advertisers.

Each of the products is designed to serve different purposes while staying true to the primary goal behind the initiation of the concept.

Other features of the CryptoAdSolution ecosystem are the CryptoAPP Solution, which is scheduled to be launched in 2019, and the CryptoAdSolution AdExchange, making CryptoAdSolution a one-stop shop for all crypto advertising needs and more.

The CryptoAPPSolution will offer a mobile solution to users, which will be a mobile version of CADS, allowing apps like Blockfolio to get advertising, traffic, and customers. The CryptoAdSolution AdExchange is designed to disrupt and replace the traditional digital advertising models, providing a transparent, focused solution for advertisers to collaborate with ad publishers and reach the best potential clients.

A total supply of 100,000,000 Coins CryptoAdSolution otherwise known as CADS will be available, out of which 10,000,000 will be pre-mined.


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