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Well, today I want to submit to your attention a very critic article about cryptocurrencies. I completely disagree with that point of view, but I do support free speech, so here we go:


Why Bitcoin and other cyber currency does not work in reality! 

This is some critic against this kind of cyber currency that fluctuates on the Internet now these days. Bitcoin is just one of the names used in this article but they all have the same main issue and idea. So Bitcoin is used as a general name here.

Bitcoin is not a currency it is just a modern pyramid game. The only one that wins the money is those that started Bitcoin itself. The Bitcoin  does not have a substantial value just a virtual that you can use as long as there is a bigger fool that by them and ship something of substantial value back to you. 

Remember there is nothing free on the net!

To by something for mine Bitcoin and that in itself says everything about Bitcoin and there substantial value. Can someone virtual mine for something can it really have a substantial value and ware is the money created? You need to putt in a substantial value to have that ability to take out it also. You cannot have more value in a system then you put in. If you have done this you get in an economic crises and that is what happen in some countries now when they have lived over there substantial value like some parts in US (Detroit) and Greece for example… CONTINUE

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