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Creativechain, the platform that distributes cryptocurrency to artists and creatives


Imagine a social network like Instagram, Behance or Vimeo, without intermediaries, without registration, totally p2p and where users can interact directly with their followers by sharing content with various copyright licenses, also applying all the benefits that Blockchain technology brings. This is the proposal of Creativechain for creative communities.

Creativechain escapes from the centralized systems that use the current social networks like Facebook or Instagram, in which the data of its users (often without them knowing) are sold to third parties for purposes beyond their control.

Lately, the social network of Zuckerberg, has been involved in several scandals related to this problem using its database as a bargaining chip for actions of dubious legitimacy.

The Creativechain platform aims to benefit artists and creatives who join their community by offering them cryptocurrency thanks to several reward systems. On the one hand, users receive an amount of cryptocurrency simply by registering on the platform and, once they start publishing their artistic creations in their portfolios, any action they receive is accompanied by a microdonation, either by a like, a download or a reproduction of the content.

The Creativechain team is actively working on adding new features so that the platform offers alternative systems of rewards through new implementations and gamification forms that enliven the user experience and provide dynamism to all the interactions that can be carried out by its creative community.

If you want to be part of this creative universe, simply download the platform at Creativechain website:

In addition, the Creativechain team is active on most social networks offering direct and personalized assistance to all those who have doubts about the use of the platform or simply want to contact to provide suggestions or possible improvements to be implemented in future updates.

One of their most active communities is in the official Telegram group (, where the developers of the platform are in direct contact with the community participating in open conversations about the use of the Creativechain platform and all his latest news.

Anyone can register on the newly released platform and start earning cryptocurrency

Since the platform was published just a few weeks ago, the Creativechain team has not stopped making updates with small improvements and suggested adjustments thanks to its active community of testers through its social networks.

Today, Creativechain is presented as an attractive and intuitive option for all creators of creative content who want to be part of an environment in which artists and creatives are committed to a pro-active community and that value the sense of art as a method of cultural expression and enrichment.

Creativechain already has 6000 registered users who are publishing their creations in all kinds of multimedia formats and interacting with each other while generating an extensive network of micro communities and are the perfect environment to disseminate their works.

At Creativechain any content generator can join the platform and turn their hobby into a means to benefit economically thanks to their quality work, while gaining a foothold in the community of producers and consumers of digital art that is getting the application.

The artistic challenges of Creativechain

To encourage the use of the platform and get its community of artists to be consolidated, Creativechain is organizing the CREA Weeklys Challenges, a week-long art challenges created to motivate artistic disciplines within the Creativechain community. The challenges are open to the public. Simply download the Creativechain application, create an entry that matches the challenge, and add the specific challenge label.

Creativechain encourage all artists and content creators to participate in this artistic challenge. To do this, it has been created a section on the website with the steps to follow:

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