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Creata SDK- Support for your Blockchain Framework


Creata chain is a platform for building and connecting parallel independent decentralized blockchains into one large interoperable network. It provides complete tools that are enough for performing various tasks, such as the implementation of modules for customer usage, hosting of dApps in the Creata chain ecosystem, or building your own personal blockchains from scratch that will be fully capable and connected to the Creata chain ecosystem. Creata chain is the solution to all your concerns. One of the most important features of the Creata chain network is the Creata SDK.

Creata SDK or Creata Software Development Kit is the answer to the developer’s wishes worldwide. It is a framework that simplifies the process of building secure blockchain applications to help developers build customized application-specific blockchains that are interoperable not only with the native network but also with other blockchains. It saves time and energy for developers as now they don’t have to code every bit of functionality of their app from scratch. Creata SDK builds secure blockchain applications on top of Augusteum Core, the consensus algorithm of the Creata chain.

Creata SDK offers roles such as the auto implementation of executing codes as part of the Creata chain network, it helps design applications that are not only secure and sovereign but also highly efficient to use, it provides pluggability, good storage to store data, and standard transaction formats. The Creata SDK has made it easy to create modules and to combine them in the blockchain. These modules are very useful and can be instantly used in application logic which saves a lot of time. These modules implement the validator set election, which is part of the consensus, managing user accounts, balancing user tokens, and providing on-chain governance that can be used by anyone.

Creata SDK has building blocks that play their role and simplify the process of building blockchain applications. The base app carries the MSM methods and allows the expansion and replacement of all the hooks with logic. The store contains implementation for blockchain data and app state in key-value storage so developers can plug in their implementations. Cryptography contains an implementation of the usual digital scheme and key generation. The client contains an implementation of clients for developing client-side applications. Creata SDK has more than ten modules with various functionalities i.e., authentication provides storage and management for user accounts, banking maintains balances and transfers different tokens, staking implements the Augusteum Consensus Core, slashing adds a slashing feature to the Augusteum Consensus Core, governance implements on-chain governance, etc. Wallet’s Key Management contains the basic functionalities for deriving, encrypting, and listing keys to be stored on the file system and then signing and broadcasting it to the rest of the network.

To build application-specific blockchains with the Creata SDK, Creata Chain has specific architectural principles and division of modules, to build applications without any hurdle. Creata SDK allows developers to build an application-specific blockchain for any business idea. The Creata chain is scalable as the blockchain network keeps on growing and allows the ecosystem to run smoothly. Creata SDK allows your blockchain to connect with other blockchains through ICP, using these tools new blockchains can be built at record speed connecting and transferring data and assets with each other for the first time. Creata SDK is ready to support every type of blockchain framework that you wish to build in very little time and best quality.

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