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CoinMarketCal, all cryptocurrencies’ events effortlessly!

0 is a free and collaborative calendar for all upcoming crypto events. This website is intended to be the ideal complement to CoinMarketCap. About the concept, Anthony, creator of the project, said:

“Like many others, I needed a tool to track all these events related to cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, tens of events (rebranding, forks, product releases, conferences…) coupled with hundreds of projects, exponentially complicate the task. The idea of a collaborative calendar seemed obvious.”

On the website, each visitor can:

  • explore events;
  • add events;
  • validate events;
  • be rewarded.

When adding an event, a proof is required. In a context that favors the spreading of “fake news”, the value of an official proof or source is immense. At the same time, users are invited to validate the events through a voting system. When the community considers that an event is not trustworthy, it is automatically deleted. In many ways, it is a “decentralized” moderation process. About this, Anthony added:

“We are in the crypto space, so I wanted the moderation process to be as decentralized as possible, which is why I implemented this voting system. I still do some light moderation by removing duplicated and off topic events.”

Last but not least, any contributor can display his Bitcoin address in order to receive tips. Today, anyone can tip a contributor if he considers he has been helpful. On CoinMarketCal’s Twitter account, we learn that a giveaway program is in reflection to reward the contributors regularly.

Some important twitter accounts have publicly stated that they supported the project, offering a solid start. Among the most important ones, there are @Crypto_God (~50k followers), @onemanatatime (~35k followers) and @CryptOrca (~31k followers). As of October 12, 10 days after the launch, the website has more than 30,000 unique visitors and 100,000 page views.

For the future, has a well-established roadmap with multiple improvements such as setting up alerts, the ability to display only important events and a specific category for ICOs “that will bring huge value to the community“.

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