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CoinJanitor and Join Forces to Clean Up Crypto


When coins die, CoinJanitor cleans them up and now it will do so with the assistance of, the most comprehensive data source on dead coins. and have partnered up to clean up crypto together. Cooperation between the parties will allow both to complement each other, enhance their processes and accelerate the market clean up process. This partnership also brings more opportunities for both CoinJanitor and in terms of enhancing their community-led efforts, refining their products and fostering an ecosystem that has the potential to change the way the space works.

Sharing Data

The first and one of the most important aspects of this partnership is data sharing. has agreed to become a key data source for CoinJanitor. “As the leading online resource and community focusing on dead coins, we are proud to include as a primary data source and work together as partners” said Marc Kenigsberg, founder of CoinJanitor.  This will allow both projects to share resources and add various levels of sophistication to the data. Apart from the benefits this will bring to CoinJanitor and, it will benefit the communities of dead coin holders and the supporters of both projects.

The lists that CoinJanitor and can create together will allow users to contribute information and then see what both partners can do with it. This will help CoinJanitor to improve the process of locating dead coins out there. With the help of data processing tools, it will be possible to add features to these dead coin lists for the benefit of users.

Making CoinJanitor More Efficient with Data from

As a result, CoinJanitor will be more effective and more efficient in its effort to clean up crypto. This 2-way conversation between users and CoinJanitor facilitated by, will benefit users, who will be more involved in the clean up process and will receive richer data in return. This relationship between CoinJanitor,, will allow users and community members to:

  • Help contact the dead coins that CoinJanitor is targeting and get involved with the clean up process directly.
  • Give more suggestions about which coins should be cleaned up and the best way to design the buy out process.
  • Get all the information about CoinJanitor activities and data first Will Benefit from CoinJanitor’s Clean up Process. and its community will play a crucial role in CoinJanitor’s cleaning efforts. In return, they will also benefit from the clean up process, through their influence as a leading source of data, and thanks to the deployment of CoinJanitor’s custom-made tools. The team behind recognizes the benefits that CoinJanitor brings to the table, and how valuable they are for its users: “As the largest database of dead coins online, we are proud to assist CoinJanitor in choosing projects to be given a second chance.”

CoinJanitor’s Page on

Cooperation between both partners will be largely managed through CoinJanitor’s dedicated page on the website. This is one of the most exciting aspects of this partnership, which is happy to facilitate. The page will feature all the latest information on the dead coin clean up effort, such as:

  • News about the latest tools that CoinJanitor will produce.
  • Press releases about CoinJanitor’s activity.
  • Contact information to interact directly with CoinJanitor staff.

Cleaning up Crypto is a Community Effort

But above everything else, the partnership between CoinJanitor and is a great example of how 2 thought leaders in the space come together to achieve a common goal. The message from both partners is clear: Cleaning up crypto must be a community led effort, so joining forces, pooling resources and getting both communities to contribute to the effort is of paramount importance. Both CoinJanitor and are committed to making this happen and to continue leading the effort to clean up the space for the benefit of everyone involved.

For more information or to the join the CoinJanitor community visit the official project website now.

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