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CoinGecko Launches “NFT Spotlight” To Highlight Crypto Artists


CoinGecko, the world’s leading independent data aggregator, is now on a mission to promote art appreciation and help artists connect with more audiences through the launch of NFT Spotlight. Prior to this, CoinGecko launched “NFT of the Day” which features one interesting artwork every day in order to drive awareness of art to the wider crypto community. 

Building on this, CoinGecko will now be working directly with crypto artists and provide a platform to showcase the artists’ backstory as well as their finest work. CoinGecko’s NFT Spotlight is a platform for artists, both new and seasoned, to create new connections with the wider crypto audience. 

Firstly, CoinGecko wants to democratize art appreciation by highlighting the work and story that goes behind the creative process. Secondly, the platform will also help artists connect with more audiences through the CoinGecko community. Finally, it will provide an avenue to distribute artists’ artwork to a wider variety of audiences.

Sven Eberwein is the first artist to collaborate on this project. He is an exceptional digital artist who is making waves in the NFT space. In conjunction with this collaboration, Sven Eberwein has produced three artworks. They will be available for auction on OpenSea and for redemption with Candies by CoinGecko users.

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