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CoffeeCoin Token Sale Raises Over 4,375 Waves in First 48 Hours


Specialty coffee project has already raised over 4,375 Waves in just the first two days of its ten-day token sale.

The project is using its Waves-based CoffeeCoin as a utility token for its blockchain-powered coffee trading platform and tools.

According to founder James Allen, the high participation rate during the first 48 hours means the sale is off to a very positive start.

“This influx of participants at the very beginning of the token sale says to me people see the value in what we are doing – and are willing to support it,” says Allen. “We’re very grateful to all those who came aboard early and are looking forward to the final tally.”

CoffeeCoin aims to bring blockchain efficiency to the global specialty coffee trade. With help from, the project has already developed a prototype platform at, which uses CoffeeCoin as a utility token to transmit and preserve green coffee buy, sell and service offers over the blockchain.

“One of our next steps will be to use CoffeeCoin to complete direct-trade sales of high-grade coffee from source to specialty roasters,” explains Allen. “We’ll be able to show the market first-hand how CoffeeCoin will lower transaction costs and improve traceability and value in the supply chain.”

The CoffeeCoin token sale ends on Friday, November 24 at 12:01 am GMT. Those interested in supporting the CoffeeCoin project can find full details and join the sale by visiting:

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