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CoffeeCoin Distribution Complete, Now Trading on Waves DEX


Following the end of its full utility token sale on November 24, CoffeeCoin has announced that distribution of the 31.2 million COF allotted for the sale has been completed.

Combined with previously released presale tokens (2%) and tokens distributed during promotional airdrops and bounties, approximately 85% of the total 40 million CoffeeCoin supply is now in circulation. COF is currently held in over 24,000 Waves addresses and is already actively trading on the Waves decentralized exchange.

According to founder James Allen, “We are very grateful to all who have supported the beginning of our CoffeeCoin project and our mission to bring blockchain efficiency to the specialty coffee trade. Tens of thousands now hold COF in their wallets and are the backbone of our utility token. Our responsibility now that distribution is complete is to continue developing and growing our project so everyone might benefit – including those who joined during pre-sale, full token sale and those who are trading COF on the Waves’ DEX.”

As outlined in their whitepaper, CoffeeCoin will hold 4 million COF –  10% of the total supply. The approximately 1.9 million COF remaining in their promotions allocation will be used for continued near-term promotions.

CoffeeCoin, the verified specialty coffee utility token released on the Waves platform, is currently available to trade on the Waves Decentralized exchange available on their liteclient at:

In an early positive sign for the project, while CoffeeCoin’s full token sale value was calculated and distributed at .00026930 Waves each, at the time of this release less than one week later, COF value on the DEX had already more than doubled its full token sale distribution value to 0.00063840 Waves each.

Current rate and distribution data can be confirmed at:

Those who would like to follow the CoffeeCoin project as it moves forward are invited to visit:


  • Avatar Meredith says:

    Do you think the upcoming DEX Public Beta will help or hinder COF performance?

    • Avatar James Allen says:

      We are very excited about the upcoming new Liteclient, DEX and Waves NG. So many of the new features offer benefits to the CoffeeCoin project. These include faster transaction speeds, a more user-friendly interface and potential for increasing liquidity. We are very happy we chose to develop our project on the Waves platform and can grow and scale along with them.

  • Avatar AngryCofveve says:

    They completely bungled their Pre-ICO by pricing it at a 100x premium compared to the ICO. James handled it terribly too. Complete and utter mismanagement.

  • Avatar David Miller says:

    Re coffeecoin I think he’s working hard and doing his best, we all have much learning to do

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