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CNC Blockchain Advisory – Helping Companies Make the Quantum Leap to Decentralized Operations


Blockchain and decentralized applications have taken the world by storm, with industries as diverse as governance, agriculture, healthcare, finance, education, and transportation benefitting from this new technology. Thanks to their in-built protocols that ensure immutability, security, efficiency, and privacy, adopting a decentralized, blockchain-based approach to business presents immense opportunities for streamlining processes and operations. However, this only holds true if companies are able to get their blockchain implementations correct.

According to Deloitte Consulting, blockchain implementation is more about business process change and less about the technology itself. Despite this, however, too many companies come up short when trying to address blockchain implementation issues, including:

  • Overcoming resistance to change from within the organization
  • Handling usage complications
  • Operating in an environment that lacks regulation
  • Slow onboarding
  • A lack of access to specialized knowledge
  • Lack of a primary application that can be used across the organization

The cryptocurrency boom of 2017 was a double-edged sword. While it opened the gates to funding and growth for the crypto and blockchain industries, the crypto crash and ensuing winter of 2018 made it painfully clear how important regulation, processes, and a standardized approach are to blockchain adoption and implementation.

This is where CNC Blockchain comes in.

CNC Blockchain is a consulting and advisory company that helps organizations understand blockchain technology. From assessing the impacts it will have on the organization to delivering applications, processes, and ancillary services, CNC Blockchain helps clients understand how and when they should adopt blockchain in their organizations, how to collaborate with other players in the industry, and how to effectively roll out a comprehensive blockchain-based technology revamp.

CNC Blockchain specializes in providing companies with time-critical and industry-specific insights to help them make strategic decisions to move forward with their blockchain adoption and has presented at high-level tech summits and conferences educating companies and governments on the importance and benefits of decentralized ledger technology (DLT) in the business ecosystems of the future.

Two interesting areas that blockchain has already seen substantial progress in are the use of smart contracts to eliminate middlemen, and the use of secure medical records to provide countless millions with comprehensive health records wherever they go. Successful pilot projects in countries as far and wide as Australia and Estonia have also proven that it does work– but only with the right resources and guidance along the way.

CNC Blockchain recently presented at the Blockchain Tech World Conference on March 13 and discussed why senior leadership teams need to prepare early for blockchain. It also spoke on a panel on cybersecurity innovation that discussed blockchain exploration and other considerations for healthcare. With industry experts in the fields of healthcare, commerce, technology adoption, data science, and leadership, CNC Blockchain continues to meet with and educate major players in the security and healthcare spaces on how blockchain can and will bring about a global revolution in efficiency, transparency, security, and privacy.

Although there is still significant resistance to change and skepticism in legacy industries when it comes to this new technology, we have only begun to scratch the surface of what blockchain can do. CNC Blockchain has been able to gradually bring many new players into the fold by educating them on the benefits of blockchain and making it clear to them just how much they will benefit from adopting a comprehensive and well-thought-out blockchain strategy. With the efforts of CNC Blockchain and others in this industry, it is only a matter of time before we see Blockchain 2.0 in common use the world over – and the revolution starts today.

John Riley III, CEO, CNC Blockchain Advisory at Blockchain Technology World Conference, March 13 2019

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