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CloakCoin announced the revised CloakCoin-ENIGMA White Paper unveiling how the ENIGMA technology works


CloakCoin was one of the first digital currency concepts in the crypto market to address privacy inadequacy, and was introduced in 2014 with the aim of enabling people to use a coin that would provide total privacy, in a world that is more and more encroaching on the freedom of its population, stating real and perceived threats to national security as a reason to “protect” its citizens.

CloakCoin has been professionally audited by Cognosec, a NASDAQ listed cyber security company for weaknesses in their efforts to prove the technology.

The Development Team of CloakCoin proudly announced the revised CloakCoin-ENIGMA White Paper, which explain how CloakCoin-ENIGMA technology works. The white paper details the evolution of CloakCoin and the untraceable transaction system called ENIGMA.

CloakCoin is based on the revolutionary Blockchain concept but has added some very simple and clever layers of communication and a sophisticated off-­blockchain coin mixing system making it impossible for 3rd parties to trace transactions between CloakCoin wallets. Today CloakCoin is one of the best systems available providing private, secure, decentralized and untraceable digital monetary transactions.

The technology is thoroughly explained in the whitepaper that means that CloakCoin is prepared to become one of the true innovators in the crypto world. Don’t be afraid to read the white paper. White papers are great tools for everyone to be exposed to higher level crypto knowledge!

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