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CloakCoin Ready to Go!


On 18th of February 2017 the CloakCoin Team will present a brand new wallet for Windows, macOS and Linux, ready to be downloaded from the all new CloakCoin Web Site. Fast, secure and stable transactions built on decentralized, off-Blockchain coin mixing supported by a preset number of anonymous ‘Cloakers’ provides privacy for all its users.

CloakCoin, one of the first digital currencies to focus on privacy, is based on the highly successful new ENIGMA Concept in combination with CloakShield, an Onion Routing system similar to the one used by TOR. Besides the privacy concept superior to most other so called anon coins CloakCoin offers an easy to install, easy to use GUI wallet for all major platforms.

The CloakCoin Dev Team has spent almost a full year working on new concepts, improved performance and stability while the last couple of months have been used for extensive field testing in a real-life environment performing ‘cloaked’ transactions.

The combined effort of the CloakCoin Team will give you reliable, simple to use and totally private system, doing what a currency is supposed to do: conduct business transactions – fast, secure and untraceable.

Get Ready for a New CloakCoin – and a New Era!

CloakCoin is a sleeping giant ready to wake up and offers an excellent investment opportunity for all who are ready to join this success story.


  • NewFeature: Implement blockchain downloader;
  • NewFeature: Add SendCloakedToAddress RPC command;
  • Enhancement: Implement Enigma Message system;
  • Enhancement: Add “Copy TX ID” option to transaction view in QT Wallet;
  • Enhancement: Speed up block loading;
  • Enhancement: Improve PoS block validation;
  • Enhancement: New Feature Implement automatic wallet backup system;
  • Enhancement: Refactor CloakShield to decrease traffic and improve reliability;
  • Enhancement: Refactor and improve Enigma input selection code;
  • Enhancement: Switch blockchain database format to LevelDB;
  • Enhancement: Remove ‘NumSplits’ from the Enigma process and increase min-cloakers by one;
  • BugFix: Retain coin-lock once a Cloaker signs an Enigma transaction until new block is recieved;
  • BugFix: Stop Cloakers supplying an extra blank output address causing the Enigma transaction to fail;
  • Misc: Rename PoSA to Enigma.

You can download the CloakCoin Wallet from the official website.

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