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Cloak ready to release new wallet; announces new roadmap and open sourcing the code


The team of Cloak is currently working on the v2.0.1.2 wallet release (QT and Daemon), which will be ready in a few days. They are also in the process of preparing a Raspberry Pi build of the Cloak wallet, which will play an important part in the future plans as the Cloak project moves forward.

In addition to the software updates, they are also putting the finishing touches to their roadmap, which will lay out the exciting steps ahead for the project over the coming months. The roadmap will be released in a few days, once their artists have worked their presentation magic. A Cloak portal site is also being created to compliment the roadmap.

The current Team Cloak is comprised of previous members of the wider Cloak community. Over the previous few years, they have remained entirely self-funded while carrying out the work to make good on the promises of the previous team. They feel they are in a very good position now and are making significant plans for the road ahead. Joe (r3r), the lead developer has been doing the recent Cloak work around his regular development work, but they all feel it’s now time for Joe to work full-time on the Cloak project so that he can give his full focus and really help take Cloak to the next level. For this purpose the aim is to raise at least 10 BTC. While Team Cloak will contribute to costs wherever they can, a donation address is available for those wishing to contribute towards development.

The first priority as they move forward is to open source the Cloak project. They feel this is critical for Cloak’s future as it gives scope for greater peer review, public code contributions and will also allow the community to follow Cloak’s development much more closely. There have of course been some concerns expressed in terms of Cloak ‘clones’ being created, but the team is not particularly concerned by this prospect as imitation is after all the highest form of flattery.

The next major Cloak wallet release will be v2.1.0.0. This version will coincide with Cloak’s open sourcing. The team is aiming to have this release ready within the next 3 months. There are quite a few things to address for the open sourcing of the project. The team will be conducting an internal security review of the code to ensure there are no exposed attack surfaces for denial-of-service attacks which could disrupt the network. CloakShield and Enigma have both been extended recently and functionality has changed somewhat since the audit conducted by Iain Craig in 2015. The team also have some code-cleanup/refactoring to do in preparation for the source release as well as preparation of accompanying documentation.

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